Physical work

What is your experience with hard/physical labor jobs that have a lot of arm movement and lifting heavy objects? Does this cause pain/swelling over the site or problems with leads detaching? I'm worried that it will affect my job, my E.P said it's all good but I struggle with swelling and some discomfort after a long day and I haven't even started working yet... 


physical work

by new to pace.... - 2024-03-09 14:39:08

According to your bio you have had this since 2022. should not be any problem that i see.  I am not a medical person.

new to pace

Certain movements, repeated a lot, may cause discomfort

by crustyg - 2024-03-10 04:32:44

From time to time I use a pair of old-fashioned garden shears.  Squeezing the handles together is a great workout for the pecs, and I find it makes me a little sore on the left as the muscle moves and swells under the PM pocket.  But we're talking repetitions in the hundreds.

Swimming is fine, no issues there, but that's not a pecs exercise.

Heavy lifting should be no problem for you.  Leads *cannot* detach by themselves: they have a locking collar to hold them into the device, *and* a grub screw that locks the locking collar.  Simple movement repetition is extremely unlikely to cause a lead failure - otherwise the portion inside the heart would rapidly fail.  Probably the commonest cause of lead failure is being too close to the clavicle (collar-bone) and being compressed against that rigid structure.  And that's rare.

Heavy work.

by Selwyn - 2024-03-10 17:05:29

There is absolutely no way heavy work will "pull" on the leads as there is always plenty of slack line. 

It is a skilled job to remove pacemaker leads as they fibrose into the heart muscle.

Before cremation pacemakers must be removed ( otherwise the crem. explodes!) - it is a massive tug needed to remove leads if you are so lucky. Sometimes it is better to use the wire cutters!

There should be no pain or swelling at the site even with heavy work. Personally, I swim miles and have now done so with two pacemakers over the years - never had a problem. 

There are the odd reports of leads fracturing with weight lifting. This is distinctly uncommon, though gets into the medical literature. I would not worry.

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