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A while back I posted about how happy I was with my PM settings.  I was getting really good response to my needs for higher HR during exercise.  Of late it hasn't been as good.   I think I've noticed though that wearing hard soled hiking shoes gets my HR up more than my running shoes which have a soft minimalist heel.  Is the PM responding to vibration from heel strike on the ground? 

Am I on to something or out to lunch? 

Thanks friends, 



on to something

by Tracey_E - 2024-03-12 09:25:04

My guess is you are on to something. If your pacer uses an accelerometer for rate response, the vibrations are what triggers it. That said, I would imagine your cadence in hiking shoes is a lot slower than running. Did it work well running before? Sometimes our hearts change with time and settings need to be tweaked.

Thanks Tracey

by BradyJohn - 2024-03-13 00:25:46

I will bring it up at my upcoming check up. 

Take care, 


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