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What are members experience with obtaining travel insurance once you have pacemaker/defib unit?

I had an infarct 20 years ago, and have had some issues with travel insurance in the past, usually having to concede that any cardiac issues would not be covered by insurance.

With more recent travel I haven't had to worry as the questions on the application form relating to cardiac issues only covered the last 10 years, so I could ignore my past experience (I have been symptom free until very recently).

I have now been fitted with an ICD (following minor dizzy spells and some VT) and am still keen to travel overseas, but am worried about the potential cost if I become ill while not being able to be insured.

Are there insurers who will cover ICD travellers - after all we are safer than the general public - aren't we?


Insurance cover

by ScottishTom - 2007-08-07 10:08:39

I suppose it all depends what country you are from. I have a free annual Policy from Alliance & Leicester Building Society in the UK. I had PM inserted in 2006 and notified them, they undertook a telphone health survey / questions and told me I was covered, and surprisingly no extra charge. When I next came to renew the policy, I had to go through the same format and they charged an extra £20 for cover within Europe. This year I needed worldwide cover and they charged and extra £40 or £45?

The policy is through Fortis Insurance, I have had several various companies over the years and never had to make a claim until I had health problems a couple of years back. At that time the hospital advised me not to travel during the next 8 weeks, during which time I had 2 trips planned. They refunded all the costs incurred less the excess in each case.

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