Afib Catheter Ablation

Hello, question for those who undergone Catheter Ablation for Afib. Was the proceedure successful?Complications? Recovery time? Thank you!



by The Shepherdness - 2024-03-13 20:39:57

I had an ablation on January 31, 2023. Recovery time was good. A little weak for a couple of weeks but felt good. I was also put back on Amiodarone for 3 months then tried to stop it. Back in afib a week later. Had a cardiac cardioversion got back in rhythm and back on Amiodarone. Three months later another reoccurrence. Another cardiversion. Didn't last now getting a Micro pacemaker in April. I have persistent, a fib with a high heart rate. The ablation did not work for me, but I am glad I did it. Hopefully you will have it and be fine.


by Julros - 2024-03-14 02:34:13

I had an ablation a year ago. The first day was rough, which I think was because of the anesthesia. I had a little chest pain which was controled with some left pain meds from my pacer implantation. Per doctor orders, I waited one week to start jogging. About a month later, I noted the puncture sites on one side of my groin were swollen and draining. It was an infection which cleared after 2 courses of oral antibiotics. So far, I have remained in sinus rhythm. 


by godrew - 2024-03-18 15:33:49

I had ablation 2 years ago, took about 6-7 days to feel better.  If the dr goes through groin its a pretty tender area and you have 2 large holes trying to heal and stay dry in an already sensitive area.  Recovery was a bit longer and more uncomfortable than what I was told and read. My dr did claim that the procedure was a bit longer than others because he was cleaning scare tissue from previous surgery.  

 It was succesful for a year, then I went back to afib.  I was cardioverted back a year ago and they changed my meds from sotalol to dofetilide/metoprolol.  I have actually had some afib episodes but not in constant afib.  The dr did claim that it is very common to need an additional ablation(hopefully not).

Afib if you are symptomatic can really be brutal for day to day living, ablasion recovery is uncomfortable for a few days, but not painful.  Good luck.


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