pacemaker/stove top

Question.   I have to replace my stove top.    I also have a pacemaker.   I would like to have an induction stoptop installed.  Will it interfere with my pacemaker?


it's fine

by Tracey_E - 2024-03-13 17:47:05

I have cooked on them. Something has to be within 6" of our device to affect it. Not an issue with a hot stove.


by Penguin - 2024-03-13 17:58:13

I have an induction stove (new one) and previously had an older one.  I cook most nights and lean over to access the rings at the back when I have several pots on the go at once. 

I may be lucky but I have never once had an issue with two different pacemakers in 10 years of cooking with induction hobs. 

The general advice if you feel interference with a pacemaker from any source is to step away from the possible source and see if the rhythm disturbance settles. You may find that this rarely happens with many of the sources that we are supposed to keep away from as pacemakers these days seem to be pretty well shielded.  I can only report my own experiences but I haven't had a problem with an induction hob. 


Induction hob

by piglet22 - 2024-03-14 06:48:33

Impossible to answer definitively as it's a combination of your circumstances and an unknown piece of equipment.

Induction hobs work by close coupling the coil of the hob to the metal pan, so it's fair to say that on balance it's probably risk free if you follow the distance rules.

Have you investigated the safety implications? 

My advice would be to go for a reputable brand, maybe a commercial type and make sure it carries all the compliance certificates for electrical safety and RFI/EMI interference.

Maybe let us know how you get on.


by Leandri - 2024-03-14 11:36:16

I'm a chef and my cardiologist said that I should absolutely avoid induction stoves as much as I can. Maybe it depends on your pacemaker manufacturer, but there are so much better stoves out there, I wouldn't reccomend getting one if you intend to cook regularly. 

Induction hob

by Aberdeen - 2024-03-14 14:57:47

I already had an induction hob when I had to get a pacemaker. I use it without a problem although I often get my husband to stir food and dish it up! I think if you have rubber handled saucepans it is supposed to be safer. 

No issues for me

by DutchyDawg67 - 2024-03-14 23:30:23

I have one and have not had any issues.  It's been two years.

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