Having hard time logging in

Maybe it's just me. But the "app" I've always used and never had issues with - all of a sudden won't work without a considerable amount of tinkering with. This is just on my iPhone. 
Haven't tried my computer.  Will do that tomorrow.  
Any one else experience this.  


Logging in

by Lurker - 2024-03-14 17:50:59

I was just going to say you are fulll of it

but I just had a hard time logging in. I usually put it down to finger trouble. 
If you have incognito mode turned on. Turn it off. Then it should ask you to use saved password. 
that's what I wound up doing just now. But I like to have  incognito mode on.

Doc DX


no trouble

by new to pace.... - 2024-03-14 18:39:12

I had no trouble logging  in, only have desk top computer.

new to pace

Logging in

by H van Dyk - 2024-03-14 19:10:44

No problems here. I am on a desktop computer and sometimes also on an Android smartphone. Sounds like an iPhone issue to me. Perhaps a reboot might help...

loggin in

by new to pace.... - 2024-03-14 19:29:08

You might need to make sure you have logged out, before trying to log in again.

new to pace


by docklock - 2024-03-14 19:45:21

It's just one extra step on iPhone now to sign in.  I'll check my computer tomorrow.  

thanks for the responses.  

Yes, it’s horrible, and I don’t get help from the club

by DutchyDawg67 - 2024-03-14 23:27:15

I have an account and used to be able to post.  Then it would not accept username/password and this is a saved combination so it's not like I'm typing it in wrong.  Tried to do a password reset with no luck.  No email.

Created new account with another email address.  It asked me to verify my account and I didn't get the email for that one either.  But it's letting me post. So something is working.  Wish it could be fixed so I don't continue to have this issue.

Hopefully Admin will see our messages and update us

by Gemita - 2024-03-15 03:14:52

I am one of the moderators on this site and I too have had intermittent problems since joining the Club, particularly with signing in, posting, receiving notifications of comments and private messages and essential things like this.  

All I can say is that the software is in need of an urgent upgrade and this is currently in hand.   Hopefully over the next few months we will see some essential services being slowly restored as the software is upgraded.  It is a massive task, so I hope we can all be patient for a while longer. 

In the meantime, I hope Admin will give us a few updates from time to time, if they see our comments, to let us all know what is happening.  Just a few words would be so helpful.  Thank you.


by docklock - 2024-03-15 11:31:29

GEMITA, thank you for timely response about possible 'log-in' issues. 

I had no problem logging in, as usual, on my computer. But tried this morning on iPhone and same issue. I can log in on phone, but with an extra step.

Very odd thing -- when I tried to reload the "Pacemaker Club" app onto my phone -- it didn't exist on the 'Apple Store'. On my phone the icon for 'Pacemaker Club' is still there, but switches/refers me to Google Chrome and from there I have to log in thru that. 

Not a big deal, but was just wondering if others have had issues and apparantly they have. All-in-all, it's a great informative site and it's FREE. Ultimately, "I ain't complaining." 

Re: Logging in

by H van Dyk - 2024-03-15 16:33:25

Are you sure that there's an app available for Apple? Sounds to me that the icon was only a pointer to your browser. The Pacemaker Club is a standard website that can be visited by using a browser like Chrome. As far as I know there is no app available for Apple or Android...

H van Dyk

by docklock - 2024-03-15 18:35:03

You may be right. I got it so long ago, I can't remember how I did.  
Not going to dwell on it. At least I can access it on my iPhone, just not the way I always did. 
Moving on!! LOL. 

Logging in

by DIrv - 2024-03-19 13:11:39

Had same issues. Saved user name and password. Contacted support and  really nothing happened - this was a few weeks ago but tried today and straight in 🙂

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