Should I get a PM?

I gave birth 5.5 weeks ago. at 9 days postpartum, I felt a little weird (figured it was anxiety, long time sufferer) so I checked my bp, was 170 /97 pulse 44 called OB they said go to ER. I was just tired. just had a baby....Endedup seeing a cardioologist. had a holter shows sleeping rate 33-70's and day rate 50's - 100's I do not think I am really having symptoms because when i get dizzy I will checck my pulse its around 60 then Ill feeli ng fine at night and it is sometimes down in the upper 40's. I am wondering what yall think,
I have an appt w/an EP Aug 23 I am 28 yrsold ,,thank you


Welcome Dani

by hooimom - 2007-08-03 05:08:40

Oh the days of a new baby. The happiest and most exhausted time of your life all rolled into one I bet. Congratulations.

Any stress on your body can bring out abnormalitites in your heart or any other organ. Pregnancy, giving birth and the the schedule of a new mother would qualify as a stress I would think. The EP appointment is a great idea. Pulse rates vary from person to person so you need a specialist to look at your situation.

Try not to worry too much. Enjoy Brooke Amber. This is a wonderful time so don't let this concern steal that joy. I'm sorry you have to even think about such a thing right after your baby is born.


P.S. I wore my holter monitor twice just to make sure the first one was correct. Maybe your doctor will do the same. If you do end up with a PM there are lots and lots of us who are living very happy and healthy lives with ours. We would be happy to listen and help any way we can.


by CathrynB - 2007-08-03 11:08:01

Hi Danilee. Congratulations on the birth of your baby! I hope things are going well in that area of your life -- other than you're not getting enough sleep, of course! What's the baby's name and gender?
Only a doctor can tell you whether you need a pacemaker, and going to an electrophysiologist is a good idea. If your slow heart rate is caused by Heart Block, it's a different situation than if it's caused by Bradycardia. Your sleeping heart rate may or may not be a problem, and your daytime heart rate too. If I were you, I'd ask the EP about the possibility of wearing an Event Monitor for a couple of weeks before deciding whether to get a pacemaker. They may do all kinds of other tests too -- tilt table, stress test, EKG, etc. Be sure and drink lots of water, especially if you're nursing your baby, because dehydration can make you dizzy, and if you live somewhere with hot summer weather it could be a contributor.
Have you had any fainting episodes? Please keep us posted on how you're doing and what the EP says on August 23rd. Best wishes for happy times with your baby and a clear diagnosis regarding the need (or not) for a pacemaker. Take care, Cathryn


by danilee - 2007-08-03 12:08:18

Thank you for responding so quickly, my baby girl is Brooke Amber , It's geat she is perfect.

My EKG was just an abnormal Twave which according to all the docs is normal for me and doesnt have anything to do with the slow rate.

She did not say Heart Block or anything, she does said that I only have this "slow heart rate" since I have no swelling or symptoms that cant be ruled outby having a newborn she doesnt think I will need a PM.

So confused and terrified.
Thank you again and I will let you know after the appt.
I still wonder if it has anthing to do with giving birth,, I was 3 weeks post partum when I wore the Holter, maybe I will wear another and the rate has gone up since ,,,???


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