CRT-D and shoulder range of motion?

So I am just throwing this out there as a question.  Has anyone experienced decreases in range of motion in their shoulder or shoulder and back pain on the same side as their CRT-D?  I have had some serious left sided shoulder and back pain with decreased range of motion the last couple years despite exercising.  At first I thought it was posture etc but I am starting to wonder if it's related to the location of my CRT-D.  I am going to ask my EP about this but I am not scheduled to go in for several months, I am actually hoping to eventually get a revision to a CRT without the DFIB and hopefully an alternate placement due to being petite.  My current device was meant to be temporary but it now looks like I may have one for much longer and the transplant team has said I am safe enough to not have the DFIB.  


Shoulder and back pain

by Gemita - 2024-03-17 06:37:54

Anna, is that really you?  So nice to hear from you again and I hope you and the family are doing okay?  It certainly sounds like it from some of your comments, especially from the transplant team that you are safe enough not to have a defibrillator.  Wow, am I really hearing this?  If I recall though, you did not go ahead with the heart transplant so your own heart is doing the job well.

Although you clearly have a bigger device, I have certainly experienced a decrease in range/ease of shoulder motion since my dual chamber device implant.  I have also experienced some shoulder and back pain too during arrhythmias.  I think we have to accept that our heart condition may change or progress over time and could also be part of the problem with chest, back, arm/shoulder pain, but you could be right in thinking that your device is not well placed too and might be causing some of your symptoms.  

I wouldn’t wait several months before getting a proper assessment and diagnosis.  It sounds as though the problem has already become a chronic one and the sooner you get help for this, the better.  Causes could be several, and not necessarily coming from your CRT-D placement alone.  You are petite and with a baby you have had to do more in the way of lifting, so it could be a combination of factors.  Have you tried physiotherapy?  I hope you can get some real relief soon and a complete diagnosis.  Welcome back


by Tracey_E - 2024-03-18 10:17:12

I just have a regular 2 lead pacer, but have had it for a long time and had 5 devices. I have chronic shoulder problems caused from lack of range of motion. My PT is convinced it stems back to all of the hardware and scar tissue I have on the left side. As long as I'm diligent about stretching and foam rolling, it stays under control. 

Shoulder discomfort

by Capt Odyssea - 2024-03-23 12:56:46

I have shoulder (both) discomfort after my 3rd ICD install.  #3 in right chest, right shoulder worse than the left. At first I put it down to being strapped to the table or some such, but after some reading it appears to be a fairly common occurrance in PM patients. Up to 40%. cannot find a definitive connection/cause but it seems there are some exercises that can help, and it seems to diminish after a year. My pain is in the front/top of both. Def have reduced range of motion also.


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