Post ablation blood pressure

Hi! Got PM 5 years ago, have had flutter/AT since off and on. Yearly checks. 3 weeks ago I went to ER with 230+ bpm. Stayed 2 days, began Sotalol, doubled irbesartan and continued recent 5 amlodapine. Ablation scheduled 4/6. Then 2 weeks later bp shot up 178/104, sitting doing nothing. ER again, this time for observation and days later were able to do "successful  CS OS Focal Atrial Tachycardia ablation". 
Question: bp running significantly lower 2 days post ablation. 100/65 which I know could be a dream but it's been decreasing since I got home and it was 130-140s over 70-80s before all this happened. It's a Saturday, urgent care wouldn't be of help, post hospital appt Monday, when a major snowstorm could still be wrapping up. 
Has anyone had that experience of bp being significantly lowered? I've read flutter/etc could appear and or reoccur but I was wondering about bp. Prefer not to pass out. 😉

Thanks. This community been such a source of info & comfort over the years. 



by Lavender - 2024-03-23 15:36:45

Low bp is considered under 90/60. 
Mine is consistently around 103/62. No one is concerned. I was told to eat pretzels to keep a bit more salt in my system. If you're not salt restricted, you could eat a bit. Make sure, too, to stay well hydrated! 

Volatile blood pressure

by Gemita - 2024-03-23 15:58:24

CR, I have gone as low as 82/48 during an arrhythmia.  

It sounds to me as though this is medication and/or arrhythmia related causing volatility of your blood pressure.  I see you are on several meds that could also be the cause.  Unfortunately as we know, our pacemaker cannot prevent a fall in blood pressure as it can prevent a fall in heart rate.   As Lavender says, keep well hydrated, this will help to increase your blood pressure.

How do you feel when your blood pressure falls?  Always go by your symptoms and if you feel you need help, get help for either low or high blood pressure, low or high heart rate.  No one knows how you feel except you.

I suffer from arrhythmias and when they are present, there is nothing normal about my blood pressure or heart rate.  I can become hypotensive or hypertensive in a flash.  Please get help if you need to.  Otherwise try to rest and stay well hydrated.  When you see your doctor, explain what is happening.  It may be that that they will make some adjustments to your pacemaker or to your medication.  Take care


by Julros - 2024-03-23 19:54:52

Yes, my blood pressure was quite high until I had an ablation and got a pacemaker. My theory was that I must have had tons of adrenaline coursing through my system as my body sought to correct my heart rate of 45. 

It stayed hgh after my pacemaker implant because I had a great deal of pain. Once the pain was dealt with, my BP went down. I remain on baby doses of a beta blocker and lisinopril due to having cardiomyopathy. 

Be aware

by sgmfish - 2024-03-24 19:10:02

I presume you are using a BP machine at home to measure your BP. I have several arrhythmia problems. When my arrhythmia is acting up, I sometimes get abnormally low BP readings from my home machine. Since these machines sense the air pressure changes in the cuff as the blood flows again after being cut off by a fully pumped up the cuff, the machine can be "fooled" when a beat is skipped or came at just the wrong time. I find if the arrhythmia is bad enough, the BP machine detects this, and I get an indicator of an irregular beat; but sometimes if the arrhythmia is mild enough, I can get an erroneous reading that is too low.

Thanks for your time to comment!

by CR - 2024-03-25 13:51:48

Primary doc said stay the course, cardio as well. Maybe I should have asked for a little zapping in my brain while they had the catheter in! 🤣

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