Defibrillator with pacemaker

I currently have a three lead pacemaker being I have total AV block I am wanting to percent pacemaker dependent.

AV block I am wanting to percent pacemaker dependent.

I have recently been diagnosed with cardiac ATTR Amylodosis. 

I am in constant  flutter. 

My EP Dr suggested maybe I needed to fibrillator as well as back up in case I have issues with fast heart rate.

Normally, I'm at 80 but now I'm at 100 occasionally dropping to 80.

Has anyone gotten a defibrillator after having a pacemaker for awhile?

Been recently diagnosed


A serious diagnosis, but I wish you well

by Gemita - 2024-03-25 05:39:06

Just wanted to wish you well while you wait to hear from members who have been upgraded from a CRT pacemaker device to a CRT defibrillator pacemaker.  I hope your doctors have explained the procedure to you, the risks, the benefits of having an upgrade.  Your doctor will know your condition best, so please go back to them with any concerns, or questions.

I note that you have a history of atrial tachy arrhythmias, including Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter and that you have had several ablation procedures and taken some powerful anti arrhythmic meds, including Tikosyn.  You still appear to have persistent AF or Flutter from your comments.  I see you have complete heart block and are 100% pacemaker dependent.  Additionally, and more importantly, you have been diagnosed with a rare inherited genetic condition called ATTR amyloidosis.  I attach two links about Amyloidosis which should be copied and pasted into your general browser to open, if you have not already been given details about this condition?  I hope your doctors can help you to manage the disease Jimmy with a combination of treatments.

I send my best wishes to you and do hope that any upgrade goes smoothly and that you will remain safe with a defibrillator in place

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