The terminator gets a pacemaker

Hey Dave, he used the same clinic you did! From Rolling Stone online:

After years of heart complications, Arnold Schwarzenegger has undergone surgery to receive a pacemaker. The 76-year-old actor detailed his decision to undergo the medical procedure in a recent newsletter, updating readers on his swift recovery process and revisiting the timeline of his previous open-heart surgeries. 

“Last Monday, I had surgery to become a little bit more of a machine: I got a pacemaker,” Schwarzenegger wrote. The procedure was completed at Cleveland Clinic, which “made the surgery as painless as possible,” he detailed. The actor added that he’s already back on his feet and “doing great,” adding that by the end of the week, he was attending an event organized by environmental advocates in Los Angeles with Jane Fonda.


Thanks Lavender!

by Good Dog - 2024-03-25 20:42:04

Yes.....but I'll heal-up before him! I just cannot believe that he is 76 years old! I wonder if he had the same Doc as me? Pretty cool!

There were a couple things at the cinic that I could complain about, but I won't, because I still believe it is the best hospital on the planet! Did you know that there is a floor at the clinic that most of us common folks are not allowed on. Not unless you are rich or famous.....or both! 



Number 2

by Lavender - 2024-03-25 20:58:15


I read this online:

VIP hospital patients are treated in furnished rooms on a special wing of the main hospital's seventh floor. Their families stay in the well-lit, luxurious rooms at the InterContinental Suite Hotel on the Clinic's campus. The top-floor suite resembles a penthouse apartment.

Cleveland Clinic is ranked as the No. 2 hospital in the world for the sixth consecutive year by Newsweek's World's Best Hospitals 2024 list.

Mayo Clinic in Rochester was named the No. 1 hospital in Newsweek's list of the "World's Best Hospitals" for the sixth straight year.

The action star ended his message by reiterating how important it was for him to open up about his surgery, despite wanting to keep health issues private, because of community.

"I could have kept it a secret... and a lot of you are probably dealing with your own health challenges," he wrote. "I want you to know you aren't alone. And if you're putting something off out of fear, I hope I inspire you to listen to your doctors and take care of yourself."


Arnold Schwarzenegger

by Gemita - 2024-03-26 04:14:50

I must add Arnold to our Famous Recipients list !  Thank you Lavender

Edit:  Done, see under Learn.  Cannot work out how to upload a pic of him to this particular page

5th floor for me!

by Good Dog - 2024-03-26 07:09:12

Actually, the Clinic is rated the #1 heart Hospital in the world and yes, the Mayo Clinic is rated #1 overall. Anyone can stay at the hotel (connected by a walkway to the hospital), but not just anyone can stay on certain floors. Really nice of Arnold to share his experience to help others.

While Arnold is really a good guy, we all know that getting a PM is no big deal. Right?

BTW: One of the nurses timed my generator change. It took 10 minutes from opening to closing! She yelled that out when he finished. Probably the quickest and easiest procedure that they do at the Clinic! The problem for me was that I had to wait all day to get into the O.R. My Doc asked me that since the 1st procedure was aborted if I wanted a new generator while I was there or if I would prefer to return later in the week. I told him that I wanted it now. So I was an add-on after they finished their other schedluled procedues at end-of-day. I think that they completed mine so quickly so they could get home on-time. Also of interest, the Doc told me that their infection rate is the lowest in the thoughts are; I'll be the judge of that! 2 weeks and so far so good.

Thanks again Lavener!



King of Norway

by Lurker - 2024-03-26 08:55:07

The 87 year old King of Norway got a pacemaker last month.

even Royalty gets them.

Norway's King Harald gets pacemaker to boost heart rate - Reuters


Doc DX



King of Norway

by Good Dog - 2024-03-26 09:14:03

Yeah, he is just a King.


BIG difference!


by Gemita - 2024-03-26 10:08:35

I see Norway's King Harald received a temporary pacemaker and is awaiting a permanent one when his infection has resolved.  I will place him in our Famous Recipients at that time, since he is Europe's oldest reigning monarch now.

Edit:  I see he now has a permanent pacemaker so he will be placed in our Famous Recipients gallery

Best thing about Cleveland Clinic patient/family experience

by Elisabet - 2024-03-26 19:49:34

The one thing bad about having someone occupy the "celebrity" suite at Cleveland Clinic is that they close access to the rooftop terrace, and then no one who seems to know supposed to open it again when it's time! Yes, they have outdoor access for heart hospital patients as well as the general public and it's the best thing about that place. I was there for three months, most of that in the hospital, and was up there every chance I got. It wasn't as pleasant in November but it was outside! Bautiful view of downtown and Lake Eerie too. Okay, maybe the top-notch medical care beats out outdoors with views, but if you are stuck there a long time it means a lot.

My second surgery there was a complicated two-valve replacement and CABG, and some other miscelleny, and I was a little disappointed that they didn't replace the generator while they were in there since it had six monthes estimated life and they were doing everything else. As it was I had it done this morning back in Texas, the easiest surgical procedure I have ever had. I haven't even had to take a tylenol, and had to remind myself not the use the loppers this afternoon when doing some yard work. It was a long road but I am doing great now, feeling better than I have in 20 years thanks to Cleveland Clinic being able to address the basket of radiation damage cancer treatment had given to my heart. And I've got a brand new pacemaker and can check that one off my list!

Elisabet Thanks!

by Good Dog - 2024-03-27 07:19:18

I really appreciate your post! I was going crazy after 3 days there. Can't imagine how difficult your stay was. My brother-in-law told me about the rooftop terrace! I was not there long enough to use it.....thank goodness. I live here so I've seen it all anyway. The place is so big and I noticed that everyone seemed to be very careful to follow the strict protocol and rules. I would compare the crowds there and the hustle and bustle to being at the airport! I have to tell you; had I not insisted, they would have released me "without" implanting a new generator. Although they did give me the option of returning in a week or so. My Doc was wonderful and made sure they got it done at my insistence. It is such a simple/minor procedure for them relative to what they do on a regular basis. I am only guessing, but they seem to thrive on the most complicated and life saving/giving stuff on a daily basis. It seems that they mostly do just the really hard stuff there which is why if I had to have my 37 year old leads extracted; I wanted it done there. 

So glad to hear how good you are doing!



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