Abbott biventicular pacer

I am due for replacement.  This unit lasted 4 and 1/2 years, 100 percent paced.  Low HR setting is 60.  Yesterday I noticed my heart rate at rest was 55 and stayed constant while at rest.  I called the pacemaker clinic.  I got a call back from the pacemaker tech who said he had to call Abbott technical to find out.  They told him when the pacemaker went into elective replacement they lower the threshold to 55 to conserve battery life until replacement.  First time he or I had heard this.  They have scheduled a replacement for a week from now. Thought I would post this in case this happens to anyone.


Same with my Medtronic

by Gemita - 2024-03-28 15:12:19

Hello Cedric, it was kind of you to let us know about your experience with your Abbott biventricular pacemaker at end of battery life.

I have yet to experience a device change (Medtronic) and I know that something similar will happen with my pacemaker to conserve battery.    My Medtronic device however has something called a Recommended Replacement Time indicator period which is in the period “prior” to the elective replacement indicator period.  I know too that during this period I can have my settings restored to normal values if I become symptomatic with a lower base rate setting, although of course the battery will deplete earlier. 

I see you only have to wait a week for your upgrade, so hopefully you will not be too uncomfortable during this period.

I hope the upgrade goes smoothly and that you will be pleased with any new device. 


by Flo - 2024-03-28 16:45:22

That is good information Cedric and thanks for posting. Glad you were able to get scheduled  and best to you next week.


by Amyelynn - 2024-03-29 12:41:23

I am curious if 55 is just set for your resting rate or is 55 the current max?

My last pacer went into end of life mode and a 65 beat max! which was unlivable for me until my scheduled pacer procedure a month away. ended up going in as an urgent case.

Hope your net device change goes well!

4.5 years gotta say that sounds short lived to me? mine always last 7 those are medtronic devices and i am also 100% paced. My top chamber works but does not send signals to th botton chambers. hmmm curious


take care 


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