yearly cardiologist visit

Said see me next year.  Blood pressure was good 124/74. Heart rate 69.  Nurse did EKG all good.  Then the doctor came in listened with stephscope all good.  Then she wrote down what i have and what i should take. The same thing every year.

Blood thinner(asperin) told her no thanks, for A Fib, Beta Blocker for VT(bottom part of the heart speeds up.  Only 1 episode last quarter for 22 seconds.

Mild Carotid Blockage( statin)

Aortic Stenosis.

Asked about Echo said what is the point if not taking any medications.

new to pace


Thank you for the update

by Gemita - 2024-03-28 14:50:57

New to Pace, I can perhaps understand your cardiologist’s concern that you are not taking her advice with certain meds, but her remark when you asked about an Echo showed a lack of concern on her part too and that would worry me.  I don’t know when you last had an echocardiogram but I feel Aortic Stenosis should be watched.  Routine echocardiograms can show if the condition is advancing and whether you will need intervention.

What did she say about your improved AF?   Did she give you any support for what you are trying to achieve with diet and other natural means?  A lower total AF burden should be acknowledged and whatever you are doing to try to help yourself should be encouraged.  There is more than one way to manage a health condition and you are living proof that complementary and alternative medicine may help too.

Aspirin (an antiplatelet) is not effective for AF stroke protection in any case.  You would need an anticoagulant like Apixaban to be safe.  Do you want to share with us all the meds and doses she recommends for you and did your cardiologist comment on your self help measures?

what she said i should take of do

by new to pace.... - 2024-03-28 16:05:57

Thanks Gemita as always you statements and questions are right on.

The last time i had an Echo(July,8,2021) was when i was having a reaction to a supplement i was taking.  If she had asked me first would never had the Echo done.  Stress test July 22,2021.

Every year since 2019 when i first got the pacemaker, mentions the Watchman and i give her the same answer.

 Metrotrate(sp) Tatrate(from the 1 epsiode of VT, Jan 1,2024) which appeared on my quartly transmission, March 19, Plavix and Satins.

Guess the fact that am not to see her in a year, means am basicly doing ok.

It was interesting after all the question she scooted over on a rolling stool.. Grabbed the pad and marker that were just laying on the counter.  Which i suspect she uses all the time.  An wrote everything down  with stars next to each.  Which i listed above.

My next in person check is for the pacemaker Aug. 20,2024.

new to pace


Echo for Aortic Stenosis

by Julros - 2024-03-28 17:58:22

As far as I know, the decision to intervene ( aortic valve replacement) is based on symptoms'/pain, not on echo results. A stenotic valve can be assessed via auscultaion, physical exam, and blood pressure, and it sounds like the doctor did all of these. 


thanks Julros

by new to pace.... - 2024-03-28 19:01:14

I had to look up auscultaion to see what that was.  You are correct she did listen.

  What is interesting is no one mentions my heart murmur ,which i have had for many years. Guess no problems with it yet.

new to pace

Heart murmur is often heard with Aortic Stenosis or a leaky Aortic valve

by Gemita - 2024-03-29 05:36:00

Hello New to Pace, Aortic Stenosis or a leaky aortic valve can cause a heart murmur so that would be an expected finding with Aortic Stenosis and other leaky valves. 

Thank you for the additional information.  What a detailed report.  I will send you a private message. 

Here is a link from the Mayo Clinic on Heart murmurs, might be worth a read:-


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