1st time

Hiya, I am GinaM fron UK.. 52 yrs old. I had a dual chamber ipacemaker nserted on Tuesday.for inermittent  high degree AV block. Still feel sore & fragile. How long did it take for the soreness to ease up. Also did anyone go back to work a week after the surgey? Newbie with questions


It depends

by atiras - 2024-03-29 17:01:22

It really does depend on how you feel and what your job entails. 

I'm pretty resilient. After my first PM went in, i got back to online work the next day and volunteering in the local community shop a few days later. But I did cry off the really heavy work in the shop - humping and dumping and unbix8ng and shelving deliveries for 6 to 8 weeks.


Me Too Dual Chamber

by Stache - 2024-03-29 17:41:50

My dual chamber pacer is a little different I had cardiac arrest in the morning and woke up that night with a dual chamber pacer installed.  Because of the cardiac arrest, I took a hard hit and it took weeks to get back on my feet.  In addition, several weeks to get used to my pacer moving around in my pocket under the skin.  That was three years ago, today the pacer does not move around but I always know it is there.  In my case, it took a year to get somewhat back to my new normal.  I did go back to work part-time 4 months after my implant.


by GinaM - 2024-03-30 05:29:01

Thank you everyone. All very helpful and good to know. At first I felt like I was the only person going through all this. But this club has made me realise I am not alone & all the experiences I have read has & is teaching me so much. Thank you, thank you thank you


by Penguin - 2024-03-31 15:45:24

Gina, If you go to the Learn tab at the top of this forum and click on FAQs, a box comes up. If you click on the arrow an array of 'topics' comes up. Click on the topic area that interests you and the read the info. 

Practically all of the most common queries are answered in this section of the forum. It's a mine of information that Gemita (moderator) took ages putting together! 

Do give it a read, and btw. Welcome! 


by Gemita - 2024-04-01 11:14:46

Penguin, thank you, but I cannot take all the credit.  Most of the FAQs under Learn were already in place.  I have just been gently adding to these or updating them - a work still in progress.  

Gina, yes welcome and hope you are feeling more comfortable this week with your pacemaker.  As each day passes, you will notice improvements.


by Lavender - 2024-04-03 21:13:04

You're still very early in the healing process. It's normal. I was sore in the arm and neck. I felt fragile, too. Each day got better. For me, it's been three years since surgery. I don't think much about my pacemaker anymore. Life is normal. Yours will be soon, as well. 
I was already retired when my AV block necessitated a CRT -P. 

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