Cardiac rehab a resounding no

This is a subject that comes up a lot with me; and for MANY reasons, I can't do that. No cardiac rehab for me. I won't go into all of the "why"... Let me just simply say that cardiac rehab is NOT going to happen. So I know many of you have suggested it and rather than spell it all out, which would take awhile, I feel like that isn't necessary. It's off the table and unless I move, which isn't even a possibility as far as I'm concerned, I won't ever be doing rehab. 

Honestly, at this point, I'm so fed up with any sort of medical intervention that I'd just as soon go my own way. I have the device and the meds that I can take, it's dialed in good, and since I changed my Carvedilol dose back from 25mg twice daily to 12.5mg, I feel better. The larger dose was giving me more episodes and symptoms like super lethargy, vision disturbances, and headaches along with some other things I'm not sure I can attribute to it. 

I am taking more time for myself, eating the best I can, walking as much as I can without over doing it, doing regular housework that doesn't push me (vacuuming is still tough so I have to rest between rooms), and meditation with relaxation techniques. Breathing exercises work nicely too. The point is, I'm going to handle it so it doesn't handle me. (My Mom says that one all the time and it's true.) 

In order to survive this trauma to my very spirit, I endeavor to avoid any sort of hospital, clinic, or doctor appointment unless they schedule it and if I have something REALLY weird or painful, with those other heart symptoms, I will go to the emergency room. I get so stressed out from going to the doctor, I'm relieved I don't have an appointment for a year. And like someone pointed out, they must think I'm doing alright if they only want to see me once a year. I'll take this year to improve myself and then see what the echo says next year! Either way... I'm going to start living again because who knows what time I have left. 


'My Way'

by Penguin - 2024-04-01 05:12:40

Hi Janene, 

Sounds like a plan! 

Re: Rehab - fair enough. It's your choice entirely and if you have to travel or have other reasons that you don't want to share I respect that.  If hoovering is only manageable one room at a time, that tells me a lot about how difficult it is to manage currently.  You tube is worth a look if you find yourself motivated enough to try a little exercise - seated or standing - it can help with general flexibility. 

If you decide to do exercise at home, I was told that heart patients need a longer warm up than other people. No arms above head height and a very gradual cool down at the end.  Keep your feet moving - even minimally on the spot by lifting your heels from the floor and down again.  Only do as much as you can comfortably manage without provoking symptoms. 

Re: Appointments -  Not sure how it works with heart failure? I think that we have a team of specialists to address the impact on other organs in the UK and a lead cardiologist (might be wrong?)  If so, I assume you'll attend these appointments and have bloods checked  as necessary?  

All drugs are toxic to some degree even when they're helpful and you need to keep an eye on how they affect your body, so please have those tests. They only take a short time. They'll also tell your doctors how your organs are faring. 

I can relate to why you think it's sensible to preserve as much of your previous life and future as you can rather than allowing it to take over your life completely.  I like your Mum's comment and it says a lot about how you've decided to 'handle' heart failure. Mind set can help I'm sure. 

I trust you to be sensible about this Janene and to decide what works for you.  It's your life, your health and ultimately your decision. 

I hear you

by Gemita - 2024-04-01 06:41:28

Janene, no one is expecting you to move home or to travel long distances to attend frequent appointments but you could perhaps speak on the phone occasionally to a cardiac rehab nurse/therapist who could offer some helpful advice.  I personally don’t see any harm in that.

Like many of us, I can understand you are fed up with hospitals, appointments, procedures, meds, doctors and you have decided to personally handle your condition as best you can.  In the end, that is all any of us can really do, but do remember to listen to your body and to seek help if it tells you you need help;  providing you want to receive help, of course.  This is all about quality of life.  Only you will know what you can and cannot tolerate living with a serious heart condition.  I hope though you will not reject out of hand all offers of help, particularly in regard to managing your chest pain or other acute symptoms.  You don't have to suffer in silence.

I have now posted some further comments in response to your comments, on your previous post Janene.  I have downloaded and read the full PDF on "heightened cardiac pain sensitivity”.  It is an old article but still an important one and well worth reading, so thank you for this.

Good luck on your journey of discovery.  It has been a great journey so far and I hope you will continue to take us with you since we continue to learn so much from each other. 

Cardiac Rehab..

by USMC-Pacer - 2024-04-01 18:39:21

There's no reason you can't do the exercises at home if you choose to. A quick internet search brings up all the different exercises and levels they use. I didn't use the rehab either and chose to do my own thing. Nothing wrong with that, IMH :)

Thanks all of you...

by R2D2 - 2024-04-02 11:56:47

I can tell you all care, that's for sure. As for blood tests, definitely. But they are so 'lax' about it here, I have to request a blood draw, then they have to authorize it before Medicaid pays for it. But I will, for all the reasons Gem listed. 

YouTube is a good idea for rehab exercises, I'll look into that Pacer. 

I know things would be different for me if I wasn't so sensitive to every stimuli. Sometimes I feel as though I'm losing my mind. 

I was also surprised to see (last PM test results) that I'm in stage 4 heart failure... that was painful to read. 

R2D2 - just curious

by USMC-Pacer - 2024-04-02 14:21:08


Cardiac rehab

by atiras - 2024-04-02 17:06:20

I noped cardiac rehab when i had heart failure - kept myself as active as i could around the house. And i declined it again after my transplant - I'm just not a fan of group excercise.

My partner however started it after his heart attack and has kept it up for nearly 10 years. It switched to Zoom during the pandemic and his trainer decided not to switch back so he gets the benefit of somebody pushing him and tailoring exercises  to his disability without any travelling.



by R2D2 - 2024-04-02 23:24:53

Unfortunately,  I can't do Zoom or any kind of FaceTime at my house. There's no decent internet, it's too rural. We've been trying to get internet for years, it's always the same results, not enough signal. 


by atiras - 2024-04-03 15:49:07

That's a shame. Although the service here in rural England is patchy, i suspect what passes for rural here would make you roll your eyes.

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