You should check your " health portal" after your visit for those in the US

I do not know if those out of the US have the same options.  I know that after i see the doctor or have tests.  Do check my patient portal.  Why because sometimes they do not put the right information in my records.   Supposely if you are ever in the hospital they  check your records.

Why you ask, one time after seeing the cardilogist looked an they had written my blood pressure as 274/.  I wrote them and it was corrected immediately.  Another time it was the Spine doctor, where they had written the wrong part of the spine.  They thanked me as told me had not been sent to Medicare yet.

I also look to see what was written as to what i might have.  You would be surprised what is in that report.  This last time it was written that i liked coffee ice cream and my diet was bad. Did not ask  me what else i ate would have told them salads.  Did not put in why i started eating ice cream for the "calcium". 

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by Lavender - 2024-04-02 21:48:41

I check my portal too. There have been a very few errors but once I emailed the doctor to correct it, it was quickly changed and I was thanked. 

Guess those offices get busy and when they put in notes, they can mess up. It's rare though considering all the entries in my portal 😉

Yes if you care about your well being, read your data

by Gemita - 2024-04-03 04:05:35

Hello new to pace, thank you for the reminder to take an interest in our health care data!  Yes mistakes can happen.  I now have access to MyChart here in the UK, a new electronic health record system, where I can access all my health care information quickly, information that I previously had to formally request which used to take months to arrive.

A short tale, some years ago I accompanied my husband to his urology appointment.  As we entered the consulting room, the consultant assumed he was speaking to the appropriate patient whose medical file was at the top of the pile on his desk.  The consultant proceeded to tell us the result of a prostate biopsy which apparently confirmed cancer.  We explained to the consultant that Michael hadn’t had a prostate biopsy and that his enlarged prostate condition was apparently benign.  The consultant then asked are you Michael “X” and when we answered “no”, he hurriedly called the nurse for assistance.

Coincidentally and alarmingly some months later we discovered on Michael’s medical file a diagnosis of prostate cancer had been recorded.  When we questioned this, we were told by another consultant urologist that about 80% of men who reach age 80 have cancer cells in their prostate but usually die from other causes well before prostate cancer would take their lives.  Not a reassuring answer and a confusing, worrying picture indeed so please take more interest in your data, in case your life depends on it 

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