First Follow Up Appointment

Had my first check today after 3 weeks. Found to be pacing at 100%. Doc set me up for a stress test in 2 weeks. I think this is precautionary as I am having no symptons of any type of a blockage. However, he did not it pacing at 100%.

Left arm still hurts at night and is numb on the outside of upper arm. Doc just discounted this as no concern. It is improving slowly.

I am really enjoying reading the post on this site.



Left arm ache

by Surferman - 2007-08-31 11:08:26

bothered me for the first four weeks. I wore my sling at night to keep from lifting my arm over my head in my sleep. I found that by putting a feather pillow under my left arm, the pillow raised the arm to the same height of
my chest and took the ache away. I think it's because
the shoulder joint, rather than hanging was relieved to
have the tension off it due to hanging there. Hope it works for you. Surferman

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