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Thanks, Sharon, for responding to me so quickly yesterday! I spent all afternoon here. I'm like several of you--I had been searching for something like this but just stumbled on it yesterday. Thanks, Blake, for resetting my password so I could get back on. I am new to all this....

If anyone wants to read my "bio" and then respond to ANY of my comments/concerns I'd really appreciate it. Anyone know anything about steroidal leads? I found a note I'd written in 1999, one year after my daughter's first implant, that said because of some imflammation they'd use those for the next implant. I don't know if they did! Anyone wearing one of the fall 2005 recalled Sigma pacers that they aren't going to have replaced?? Anyone from Nebraska? It's HOT here! MJ


Young Pacers

by Lori - 2007-08-15 11:08:27

Wow. I was reading your bio about K. It's amazing to hear about someone so young going through something I feared so much at my age. I can't help with this question but was wondering how K 's heartblock was found at age 5. Lori

young pacers

by jessie - 2007-08-16 12:08:23

the best young person i can think of is valerie and she is ailing at present not able to be online. she has a positive outlook and is funny. any sense of humour your child can use will be very good for her. the pacer jokes are funny to me but maybe not to her. she will need time to adjust. so will keep you and her in my prayers and just to let you know sharon our anuntisamm is my age and she prays for us all every friday in a prayer group. just remember we are here and that you can call on us any day and sometimes at night at imes when we are up for a break. take care jessie

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