Chat Room

People do visit the chat room but it seems that they miss each other, and there is nobody to chat. Perhaps it would be good if those that wanted a chat visited there on the hour or thereabouts; that way at least if anybody is going to be there, they will be there.



by pat - 2007-08-29 06:08:06

i think that it would be a good idea windway. I know I would like to chat with some of the people who have been so kind.


Chat room

by Wingart - 2007-11-15 04:11:02

Hi guys, I have visited the chat room on several occasions and nobody was there, eseveral people had entered and left. I wonder whether it would be possible to have a notice board whereby if you wanted tochat you could add you name and state a time GMT that you would be there and then others could join in if they wanted. You guys that run the site, is that possible?

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