I'm home

I got a dual Medtronic PM and used no pain killers. I am sore and tired but doing ok. Will talk to people later.



by lucybell - 2007-08-30 08:08:59

Hi- I have medtronic too- I took one pain killer in the hospital and it made me so sick that I did not take any more. I would recommend taking Tylenol for the first week or so it really helped my arm and chest feel better. Best wishes for a speedy recovery- but be careful:) To wash your hair- if you shower, flip your head foward so your hair goes towards your toes and then you can use a shower nozzle. It works the best.

good to know!

by ela-girl - 2007-08-30 09:08:59

You'll be back on your feet feeling like a million bucks in no time! Surgery sure does take the wind out of your sails, though. Use lots of pillows to prop yourself up at night--that helps!

Lucybell--I wish I would've had your shower advice when I had my pm implanted a year ago! That would've been much better!

See you around the site soon!

Good News

by hooimom - 2007-08-30 11:08:59

Glad you are home and doing so well!


Good to be home?

by cottontop - 2007-08-31 01:08:17

Hi, I am glad you didn't have much pain. I used Tylenol extra strength when I got home. That worked great. As for washing your hair my husband would wash if for me in the sink. Glad to hear you are doing good and keep us posted.


by jessie - 2007-08-31 11:08:12

i live in a small town where the shampoo and blow dry is 10.00 so that is what i did for awhile. it was great. i didn't have to worry about pulling a lead. you are doing well. i idn't take much for pain either just tylenol for awhile. hope you cotinue to do well jessie

Glad it's over

by Suze - 2007-09-01 08:09:31

I'm so glad the surgery is mostly behind you. You sound like you are handling it all very well. A good attitude is so important.

Thanks for taking the time to update us. Everyone gave good advice...especially about washing your hair. That was the most difficult thing I had to figure out.

Remember to let yourself heal and don't over do it. You'll be feeling fine before you know it. In a few months you'll be giving this same advice you got now to other new pacers!


Thanks for the support

by tweetybyrd2009 - 2007-09-05 08:09:53

I have really short hair so I was able to wash it using my right hand ok. It has now been a week and I am still a little sore but not bad. I am being very careful not to overdue it. I have a ton of yarn and have been sitting and knitting hats that I will donate to the homeless shelter this winter.

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