I am scheduled for an EP study 9/4 and a biventricular pacemaker/ defibrillator implant the next day. I have an extremely stressful job - but not one that is too terribly physically demanding, I have been told I will be able to return to work on the Monday after the Wednesday implant. (9/10) Is that realistic? If I am going to be out much beyond that I need to try to plan in advance as much as possible. Thanks.


Back To Work

by hooimom - 2007-08-24 10:08:34

Hi Preciousdays,

It really varies from person to person. I have heard some people on this site are back to normal pretty quickly but others take a little longer. I was a first grade teacher when I got my PM and luckily the surgery was in July...five weeks off. My doctor was quite happy that I had that time because she was concerned it would be a more physical than she wanted for me. You cannot raise your arm on the PM side above your shoulder for six weeks or so that would have been a challenge for me at work. I am not saying you need five weeks off! I don't know what your job is and that would make a difference I am sure. Be careful with the stress level though. When my stress level gets up there I start to feel terrible. You need some time to take care of yourself. If you have some time off, consider maybe taking a few extra days to rest up. You just don't need to push the stress level too quickly. Just to add one more thought to completely confuse know yourself best. How do you react to surgery or illness? How does change affect you? These are things that you must think about before you decide how much time to take.


P.S. Could you go back part time for a week and try that?

get some more time

by boatman50 - 2007-08-24 11:08:54

I would have to agree with hooimom, I hear of people that seem to have amazing recovery time but they are few and far between. You have to take it easy for some time and you never know what side effects you may have. At least you should be ready to take more time just incase you need it. Good luck, Boatman


by PreciousDays - 2007-08-26 12:08:09

I am the director of the social work department in a nursing home. It doesn't sound like it would be stressful - but it is . I will request some additional days to begin with.- and plan to be flexible even at that. I appreciate the input Thanks - PD

precious days

by jessie - 2007-09-06 10:09:20

hi hope you are doing okay these days? are you back to work yet or how did it work out for you? i worked in nursing so i know just how busy the social worker can be. hope by now you are feeling better but know that you can be tired for quite some time. it took me over 3 months to feel normal again take care jessie

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