how long does a pacemaker last?

I was wondering how long does a pacemaker last.
i have had mine since 2003.april 3rd of 08 it will be 5 yrs old.
i recently had mine checked and its not as strong as it
was.could this mean the battery is going down.


Battery life

by ela-girl - 2007-08-18 05:08:42

The amount of battery life a person has with his pacemaker depends on how much that person is using it and what the voltage is set at. The more you use your pacer and the higher the voltage is set at, the quicker it wears down the battery. So, the battery life of a pacemaker is going to be different for everyone. When you have your pacer checks, you can ask or look it up on the printout if you get one. Most pacers can tell when the battery is getting lower because some of the original symptoms for having the pacer put in start coming back.

I'm sure someone else will have info. to add!
Happy pacing with the juice you have left!

Pacemker Lifespan

by Bob Sr - 2007-08-18 06:08:40

Hi TwoBirds,

My pacemaker will be seven years old next month, I was asking the same quesion a few months ago. I found the following somewhere and kept a copy for my reassurance from time to time. Maybe it will help you also.

Bob Sr

How long do they last?

Pulse generator batteries generally last from 6-10 years. As they would say in the car business though, "actual mileage may vary". It depends on such factors as:

How often a given patient uses the pacemaker. That is, is the pacemaker simply sensing the heart's activity most of the time, or does it need to expend the energy to capture one or both chambers frequently or all of the time.

How well it is programmed. Proper programming will minimize the use of energy.

How good is the connection or "electrical interface" between the lead and the muscle. The best connections require the least energy.

What medications the patient is on, since this may play an important role in how often the pacemaker is required to fire, and how much energy it must use.

Whether there are any fractures of any of the leads. A fracture of the insulation or wire can lead to a rapid drain on the battery.

The type and manufacturer of the device.

What happens when the battery runs out?
Pacemaker batteries are designed to become depleted in a slow and predictable fashion. When followed over the telephone, the steady decline in energy can be followed. When the battery is low but still has significant power left, the pacemaker will still work just fine, but give indications (peculiar to each manufacturer and model) that the time for replacement is nearing.

When the ERI (elective replacement interval) is reached, plans can be made for changing the battery at a date convenient for the patient and the surgeon.
Even beyond the ERI, pacemakers continue to pace for a long time, and do not simply stop emitting electrical energy suddenly or unexpectedly.

When it's time for a new pulse generator, it is generally simply exchanged for a new one. This will require surgery to remove the old device. The leads will be unscrewed and removed from the old generator, and then tested to make sure they are still working well. If not, new leads are placed. Most of the time however, they are still found to be working well and are simply attached to the new generator and placed back in the pocket, which is closed as it was before.


by Karen - 2007-08-18 08:08:43

I had mine for six year since 2001.


by marisab - 2007-08-24 11:08:49

pacemakers last 7-10 years, unless something goes wrong or you grow and your leads become to small and the doctor decides to replace both. It just depends but usualy 5-10years depending on how quickly you use your battery up.

hi twobirds48

by craftygirl - 2007-09-21 11:09:24

hi again
my mums 1st battery lasted eight y and I knew a man whos batteries were still going after 14y I've had mine for 4years, here in australia we only have them checked once a year, (they said they have better machines now) before this it was every 6month. as marisab as you grow, well at 69 I'm not going to grow any more so no hassle there ha ha. marie

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