its o.k!!!

all of you afraid kids out there that is goiong to have surgery you will be just fine i am 11 yrs. old and i have a PM also i got my first PM when I was about 3yrs. old i just got a new PM in november of 2006 and looking at me now doing everything a normal kid would do!!!!!!!!!



Hi Hailey

by randrews - 2007-08-22 11:08:43

Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm not a kid, in fact I'm old, 48, haha. But I know other kids will be helped by your post. Maybe with my new pm I can act like a kid too. Keep spreading the word and encouraging those around you, you're awesome.
God bless you too,

Hi there!

by bambi - 2007-08-23 01:08:12

What an awesome, delightful, mature young lady you are! I hope you keep posting on this sight! You are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for your post!

Hi from Nebraska!

by MJH - 2007-08-23 08:08:35

I was glad to see your post, Hailey. My daughter is 18 and had her first pacer in 1998, too! Her second was in 2002. She has complete heart block. How about you? I'd like to have her join here and connect with all of you. She isn't happy about her pacer, scars, etc. If you want to, please read my "bio" which explains "K's" situation. Let me know if you have any comments. Thanks! Have fun in school! Mary Jane

I like your attitude

by japresler - 2007-08-23 11:08:14

My grandaughter was 4 days old when she got her pacer - and she has adjusted well. When she get's old enough I hope she can e-mail you and talk to you. One lady mentioned her daughter doesn't like her scars, but my grandaughter's scars are very light and she is so cute I think if she doesn't focus on them nobody else will either. I have a friend who had 2 open heart surgeries and had much more scaring and when she finished college she married a really nice, handsome young doctor! She now has 4 beautiful little children.

Keep that positive attitude - it will make your life so happy, and other people's too!


by bowlrbob - 2007-08-23 12:08:57

Way to go, I also am not a kid, well a kid at heart ( no pun intended) any way everyone who has been worried about an upcoming procedure should be encouraged by your post. You are correct a pacemaker is not the end of your life it is the beginning. Thanks for telling your story. Bowlrbob


by Suze - 2007-08-25 03:08:06

Welcome, Hailey, to the pacemaker club. I agree with the others that you seem to have a very positive attitude... along with wisdom beyond your years.

Please continue to post and update us on how you are doing.

God Bless,


by uvagershwin - 2007-12-27 03:12:18

Hi! I have a PM and got it when I was 15 hours old because of congenital heart block. There was another girl who emailed me, but she went and posted a rather hurtful message. If you could email me, that would be great! The only people who bother are older people ( older like an adult!) and my non-pacer friend. Oh yeah, I'm 13.

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