hi everyone, well i went for my first check up since having my defrib inplanted my doctor said its set to 180 bpm but when i work out it may go that high and shock me for no reason , can you tell me what normal heart rate setting is .



set at 180bpm

by peter - 2007-09-17 03:09:07

The pacemaker or ICD probably is set so that if it detects a fast irregular rhythym as high as 180 it will shock your heart back into a lower more normal rhythym. So it is not shocking you for no reason, A normal heart beats between 60 and 90 bpm apporximately. Ideally it should be between 60 and 70 in a really fit heart. Cheers peter

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So, my advice is to go about your daily routine and forget that you have a pacemaker implanted in your body.