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I due to have a replacement pacemaker in the next 6months. My job is very physical i can be on my feet up to 12hrs a day. Sometimes i cant keep up with my day. Im tired beyond what i can physically & emotionally can handle. My pacer is fine & my heart is fine. I wanted to know if anyone else feel like this or if my im letting fear get the best of me.


Hi rae rae,

by Gellia2 - 2007-08-27 08:08:20

I guess the question you need to answer is, is the feeling new to you? It is possible that your pacer has entered into ERI which is a set rate that happens before replacement. The rate may not be keeping up with your physical needs. If that is the case, it should get better with your new pacer. If not, being on ones feet for 12 hours at a time can tax even the best of us.
I do hope you will be able to get it all resolved and that a new pacer will be the answer. Having been in ERI just recently (I just had my 7th pacer change), I can tell you that exhaustion and shortness of breath went hand and hand with it.
Best of luck to you,


by bambi - 2007-08-28 12:08:10

Gellia said it all! When you're due for a battery change, sometimes the pacemaker will shut down all it's special modes except a basic pacing. It feels like you're running uphill in a river of molasses when you exert yourself! Maybe you can get your Dr. to move up your surgery date, so you won't feel so lousy! I know insurance companies will not approve the surgery until your battery has reached certain parameters, so his hands may be tied. I often wonder how many health insurance managers have lived with a pacemaker in the end of life mode of the battery! Well, that's the glory of "managed" healthcare.Try to take it easy, and maybe cut down on your physical activity a little! Good luck!

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But I think it will make me feel a lot better. My stamina to walk is already better, even right after surgery. They had me walk all around the floor before they would release me. I did so without being exhausted and winded the way I had been.