Thank You All

I just wanted to say thank you all very much for all the helpful and wonderful comments you have given me. I know things always look bad in the middle of the night. lol but actually things are starting to look up. I got my pacemaker on an emergency basis and was not expecting anything like this to happen at all. I was just feeling tired and exhausted lately at work and had no get up and go. I attributed it to the heat (it has been sooooo hot here in Georgia lately) and thought that was all there was too it. I went to work the last day and told the girl that I work with that I felt terrible and didn't know why. She called the paramedics and they took me to the er and the rest will be part of my history. I am feeling to much better now, and everyone says that I look better than I have for a long time. Tomorrow I get the stitch out and I know that will help also.
But I just want to thank all of you wonderful people who are going throught these same things, for giving me some of your time. I hope I can be of help to others.

Thanks again and Thank God for every day,



On The Road To Better

by hooimom - 2007-08-27 11:08:00

You are sounding better already. Reaching out to help others is a great way to help them and YOU. I found it very important for me to encourage others as they were entering the process I was in the middle of. There were others who were well established with their PMs that could help me. We just all connect and help each other as we can. There is almost always someone ready to jump in with an answer, suggestion or word or encouragment.


Thank God indeed!

by randrews - 2007-08-27 11:08:29

I'm glad you are doing well. This site was a huge comfort for me after I got my pm. It was nice just to know people understood and cared. The comraderie is medicine in itself.
Take care,

Good for you

by Vicki - 2007-09-01 11:09:30

Hi Pat,
My situation was exactly the same as yours. Got my PM on an emergency basis. Was feeling weird and went to ER. And I am so thankful to this site for the information and knowledge that I have gotten. Much more info here then the doctors gave me.

Take care,

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