Guitar strap concern

I am right handed guitarist, concerned with pressure of strap on inplant on leftside to be done at 6:00am tomorrow the 29th . any guitarist out there with any advice regarding this concern PLEASE respond as soon possible. THANK YOU


I'm no guitarist but...

by ela-girl - 2007-08-28 07:08:09

....I am a backpacker. I was worried about the pressure the weight of my pack would have on my implant area. After 7 months post-op, my EP cleared me to backpack and said that the weight and/or pressure should not be an issue. But if I was having discomfort from the backpack strap rubbing the area to just put a folded hankie under the strap. I know there are some other backpackers on this site who have tried other things to keep straps from rubbing the area as well. I know that my situation as a packer is not exactly yours as a guitarist, but we both have to worry about straps! Surely others will lend their ideas and we will hear from any musicians out there as well!

I'm not quite sure how your pm surgery will affect your being able to play your guitar right away, but you should know that recovery takes about 6 weeks. That's the average amount of time you are 'required' to take to heal and make sure that you do not pull leads out etc. During this time, you also have to be careful of how much weight you lift (typically, no more than 5-10 lbs) and careful not to stretch your arms above your shoulders or back past your sides. No going wild allowed!

Hopefully, I've helped some?! Keep us up to date as to how you are feeling post-op.

Wishing you the best-

In a band?

by kyle0816 - 2007-08-28 07:08:27

Are you in a band or do you just play for fun? I know they say you are supposed to stay away from very very large speakers that are used in rock concerts so if you are in a band you might want to ask about that. As far as the strap I think one of those padded pieces you sometimes see on duffel bag straps would work, I'm pretty sure they have them for guitar straps.
Either way you will probably want to let everything heal up for about a month before you get crazy again playing, but ask your Dr. tomorrow! Good luck!

Guitar straps(from a fellow guitarist)

by $6Mman - 2007-08-29 07:08:40

Hey Guitar Man~
First off, I am trusting that things went well today and that you'll be on your way home tomorrow or the next!

There have been polls on this site regarding seatbelts across implant sites. Most will say that the straps are bothersome. I am bothered and am always readjusting the over-the-shoulder part of the belt. The device is one thing, however, it is the leads and where they have decided to settle that is a bigger issue for annoyance for me.

A well lined fleece to slip through the strap on the guitar may help to protect it some. It will depend also on the guitar you are playing. Certain models such as the Gibson and Ibanez solid bodies are heavier than the Fender strats. An acoustic is nothing in comparison to an electric. And I just stay seated when I play bass.

Wait the 6 - 8 weeks recommended healing time before you throw the strap over your shoulder. You may want to wait a week or two before you start any hard playing, you'll know how you feel.

Just one thing - DON"T GIVE IT UP! Doesn't sound like you will!!! ;~) Be well~ Adam

I have an idea.

by StarWish624 - 2007-09-02 09:09:55

Perhaps the Soft Touch seat belt protector would work. I have 2, and thought that they would work on my backpack strap (besides my car seatbelt).Maybe your guitar strap can use it, too. Just put sticky velcro where you need it to stay, if it moves. Hope this helps.


by teamudgp - 2017-10-26 13:34:50

I just bought a Les Paul and they are nortiously heavy and had to return it.  The strap ran right across my pacemaker.  It was pretty painful after 10 minutes of playing.  I could have and may in the future think about alternate strap options like tying it up behind the nut so the pressure more towrads the back of the shoulder.   Possibly getting a wide strap and cutting a hole out could work too.

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