Problem With Pacemaker

My mother is experiencing a strange sensation with her new pacemaker. This is her third one and she has never experienced this before. Every three hours, she feels three thumps or pulses, around the clock. Her pacemaker model is Adapta made by Medtronic. Has anyone ever had this happen or knows of someone that has had this problem? Her cardiologist is puzzled by this and wants to give her a new lead and another pacemaker. She is 79 years old and is recovering from the other pacemaker surgery Aug.16, and does not want to go back through this all over again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


pacemaker checking

by busby - 2007-08-29 04:08:35

Hi Janell
I don't know why the cardiologist is puzzled by this. I could just about guarantee that all that is happening is that her pacemaker is a resistance check or something at a regular interval of 3 hours. When I first got my pacemaker it would do this check twice a day at exactly the same time of 6:30. I now have that check set at once per week at 10:00 on a Tuesday. I almost look forward to this as it tells me that everything must still be working. Sometimes, at this time, I may be doing something a bit more physical and then the PM seems to have a look and decide not to do it's recalibration foranother hour. If you are not sure about it check with Medtronic. Hope this helps.

Had similar sensation

by ScottishTom - 2007-08-30 03:08:19

I had a strange felling like a thump, but it was not on any regular frequency. The PM technician played about with a few things and created the same felling, turned out it was doing a self test on the battery. It was then turned off as the PM was only a year old. I think I would have been less bothered if it had been at a set time each day.

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