allan(41) Edinburgh Atenol

Just a quick not to let people know I am ok had my 2 month check up and since my 1st pacemaker implantation october 10th 2007 i have got my afib down to under 1% THANKS TO ATENOL.It seems to help and my technician reported to me that of my 8 episodes of afib in past month none lasted longer than 3 seconds and that they dont want to see me for another year.

well fingers crossed maybe i can forget about it while and get on with my life which is what we all want to do really.

kind regards allan



by pacergirl - 2007-12-09 09:12:18

Allan, that is wonderful news! Good for you.... I know how good it feels when we find we are doing better. It feels GREAT! I am so pleased for you.

Thank you for sharing. :-)

Another year!

by Shelly - 2007-12-10 02:12:41

That's great news Allan!

Glad to hear they've finally got it all under control and you can start get your life back at last.

Shelly (UK)

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