Help! muscle twiching

Hi all,

I am getting muscle twiching since night on my chest above PM area. It is so intense that it can be seen above clothes also. I have not lifted any heavy weight in last few days, only reason I see is sleeping in an awkward position. The twiching (around 100 bpm) is even faster than my HR. I wont be able to see doc for few days.

Can anyone please help me with the reason on twiching, i am worried about any damage to leads.

Thanks all!


Muscle twitching

by Wingart - 2008-05-26 05:05:24

Hi pacerpacer

I see that you had your pm in 2007? Has the twitching just started??

I have a medtronic sensa dual and I had muscle twitching earlier this year; this was my experience:-
I had my pm in November 2007; all was going well until the end of January 2008 when one day I awoke to find my heart rate has increased into the low 100’s and the pectoral muscle around the pm twitching in time to my heart. Like you my heart could be seen beating even when fully clothed and with a coat on.

I could not rest because of the sensation of a hard fast heart rate and the muscle twitch.

A visit to the pm clinic and an interrogation revealed that the pm setting had changed from bipolar to unipolar. (Why I have never found out) This effectively meant that my own tissue was now being used to complete the circuit causing irritation and twitching. They reprogrammed it back and I have been fine ever since.

To find out more info click onto wingart at the top of this message, scroll down to my message history and click on “Fountain of all knowledge”, you will then be able to pick up the thread.

If I can help any further you can private message me.

I hope I have been of some help.



by pacerpacer - 2008-05-27 01:05:35

Chrissie, I feel a lot better after ur msg. Actually mine lead is also Unipolar. It is 12 yrs old with low impedence. It would hv eaten PM battery very fast, so to make is long lasting (by 1-1.5 yrs) they have made it unipolar. Now i get 3 shocks every 3 hrs coz of selfchecking of impedence by PM.

But for the last 2 days i am continuously getting beats above my PM area, it is so irritating esp. at workplace. Unlike u my muscle twiching area is diff, but i guess reason is same. I got PM in March 2007. I used to get these twiching initially above pm area after implant, but it was lasting only for few hrs. These time it has taken days. I will be seeing doc in few weeks time...hopfully some soln is there.

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