what to do for a cold

hello everyome i have a question about medication

what do i take when i get a cold the medication im taking now is digitek 250 mg amiodarone 200mg diovan 80 mg toprol 50 mg I take one each day and my family doc gave some other medication my heart doctor told me that any medicane will screw up the medication im taking now he said i cant take anything for a cold
i work in a cold enviromet its about 32 degrees every day 8 hrs and my condition was caused by ammonia and bronkidias it formed a blood clot in my heart
i have a pacemaker and defibelator it is shut off right now becuase i have the bad wire it is broken i m not havin alot of luck except im still here and i am not dependanet on the pm it has never had to do any thing for me when it was working
in oct it went off 8 times and the next day it went off 3 more times thats why it off now
i have alot of questions but no one want to give addvive my doctor says to eat chicken noodle soup when i feel a cold coming on and i said to him am i suppose to carry a can with me and take a drink every now and then
and also has any who had a bad pm with a broken wire heard any good news about the pm and has any one contacted a lawyer about the issue
if you want you can email me at huskersnb1@yahoo.com and we can talk that way have nice day and may god be with us all duane in nebraska



by TKS - 2008-01-18 01:01:53

You need to follow your Dr's advice, but on the flip side I use Claritin when I have cold. I only take Lasix and Metoprolol, so there may be a med you are taking that will react badly.
Good luck!


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