Hi, I'm a new member from down under and would like to know if other people have experienced a lot of pain during the surgery. I had my pacemaker implanted on 10/10/07 under a local anaesthetic. The pain was bearable until the surgeon started opening up the pocket under my skin. I made it obvious I was in pain (moaning and groaning and talking about it was like a bad chidbirth experience) but he did not acknowledge me or offer any more anaesthetic. The only other person I know who has a pacemaker had the same problem. I plan to make a formal complaint to the hospital and would like to know if anyone else has experienced this. I've more or less been told that this is how it is.



by YellowMonkee - 2007-10-15 08:10:36

I was put into a "twilight" state. Thats what they called it. I slept through the whole thing. It hurt like hell after the surgery. My doc was dumb. No pain meds for me. =(

amnesia vs. anesthesia? just a thought

by PreciousDays - 2007-10-15 08:10:59

My EP told me the next day that I yelped a good bit when they were doing the surgery - especially cutting the pocket - however - I remember none of it due to the meds they gave me. - I wonder if they don't care if it hurts, assuming we won't remember later? Good luck with filing the complaint, it is the right thing to do.



by auntiesamm - 2007-10-15 10:10:28

The procedure you endured sounds archaic to me. I got my PM in May 2006. The cardio, the EP, nurse and anesthesiologist all told me I would not feel or know a thing! They were true to their word. Some of the new drugs used are fabulous; I was talking to the OS as we entered the OR and next thing I knew I heard him on the phone talking to my daughter, telling her I was done & it went well. The nurse brought me the cup of coffee I had begged for earlier and I was taken to my room. No pain whatsoever after the procedure. Slight achiness over the site but managed with Tylenol. Other pain meds were available to me but I did not need them.I would definitely file a complaint if I were in your shoes!

Feeling Pain during PM implant

by Janice - 2007-10-15 10:10:28

Hi Gem,

Was just reading about your ordeal..I too felt some pain. I felt both leads going into my heart, It was more scary than painful for me. But I told my anesthesiologist that I could feel what the Surgeon was doing, and he asked "What do you feel?" and I said I can feel the leads going in. He then gave me more "whatever", but it did not put me in La La Land, it worked exactly opposite on me. I didn't feel the actual cut, but I did feel the warm sensation on the blood trickling down my chest, and then of couse the tugging and pushing when the pm was inserted, but I would of rathered that, and not the wires going in! I was then told when I was in recovery that I should not of felt that, and she reported it. She did tell me that I was given alot of medication, more than usual, and it still did not work, but my case is one of the rare ones I guess.

I hope you're feeling better soon, you'll be "up and running' before you know it!!
Take care,


by Gellia2 - 2007-10-15 10:10:33

I second Sharon! My replacement surgery was a breeze because I didn't feel a thing. I was given a drug called propofol. It was fabulous. One second I was telling the tech to talk to my PM sweetly and the next I was sitting in recovery waiting for lunch. I went home shortly after. It was the easiest surgery yet (I've had 7)! No one should be uncomfortable during any procedure. There is really no other reason than to make it easier for the dr. It should be easiest for the patient! I was also offered pain meds after but didn't feel I really needed them. You can't go back and change what's done but you can, and should, demand better in the future.
Best to you,

Makes my blood boil!

by ela-girl - 2007-10-15 11:10:28

Hi, Gem.

I totally agree with what Sharon and Gellia said. No patient has any reason to be uncomfortable during any procedure these days. I had my pm put in via emergency surgery, but I still was knocked out. I remember waking up during the procedure and felt some tugging (nothing that hurt at all), but I had a nurse assigned to me to watch me during the procedure. I remember seeing her and wanting to say Hi and wave. Then I felt something cool going into my veins and I was out again. I was alittle sick after the procedure because of how much anesthesia I was given--my EP said for as small as I am he couldn't believe how much they had to drug me! Other than that, I was a little sore and given pain meds which I refused because ice helped just fine.

Your or anyone else's experience of being uncomfortable or in pain in unacceptable to me. Definitely write that letter. Especially if you made it apparent you were not okay during the procedure. Why doctors and hospitals think it's ok to just do 'enough' for a patient is beyond my understanding. I realize hospitals and such can be understaffed or whatever, but please! They cannot blatantly disregard a patient's sense of well-being.

Sorry for the rant. I hope you get some satisfaction.


mine was painless

by scpck - 2007-10-16 05:10:47

Get a copy of your operative report from the hospital and see just what they did give you.

I'm a pretty stoic gal but I felt nothing. I don't even remember having it done. I got 4 of Versed (2+2) along with some propofol and then of course the lidocaine for the surface nerves. Will all the happy juice out there you shouldn't have been subjected to any pain. Post procedure I did have a good bit of incisional burning, but the nurses were right on it with analgesics. Make yourself your own advocate and speak up loudly......STOP!!!!!

no pain

by Seniorcitizen - 2007-12-22 01:12:42

I had my new pacemaker put in about 2 weeks ago and I was out like a light. The thing is ugly for sure. Much bigger than the one I had before for 6 1/2 years.......This looks as thuogh I was gored by a tiger and the thiing under the skin looks like a pack of cards in size.......Also waiting for the plastic type stuff to wear off and want to use some cream, what do you think.....Joan

No Pain!

by Seniorcitizen - 2008-03-22 08:03:52

My name is Joan also. I hate the size of my pacemaker. It does look like a deck of cards and or cigarettes. I had mine done 12/6/07....That was the second one for me...The other one I had for over 6 years. Does yours stick out kinda like it would want to break thru the skin? I had NO PAIN during the surgery but after they gave me pain medications........I was in the hospital for 5 days because I had to go off my coumadin and onto intravenous heprin and then after the surgery ....back to the coumadin.........

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