PM/ICD Problems

What a great site...wish I ahd found it years ago. I had an ICD implanted in 2002 and a little over a year later the impedence dropped drammatically. They told me that they were watching a possible lead problem but all was well. A yeaar later I went to a differant clinic to have the ICD checked and the tech flipped out and wanted me to stay in the hospital until he could get the company tech there. The company tech checked it and said "all is well". Six months later the unit failed when my heart stopped. Luckily I was in the hospital elevatlor when it happened and they revived me. I had adifferent manufacturers unit implanted and now it is being recalled. I would advise everyone to keep good records and ask for a copy of the testing every time your device is tested. we have been lied to repeatedly by the company techs and I'm sorry to say our cardiologists people also. Its not sour grapes, I just hope this never happens to anyone else. Best of luck to everyone.
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