abyone have any experience with lawsuits and ICD or pms? It looks like thats where we're headed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated



by ted - 2007-12-02 01:12:49

Hi Kirby: I am a California lawyer who also has a recalled Guidant pacemaker. I have been involved in the lawsuits against Guidant for withholding information about the defects in their ICD's and Pacemakers so that our doctors kept implanting defective products while patients kept dying. E-mail me if you like at Better yet, call me at (310) 271-7164 and we can talk. Ted


by huskersnb2 - 2007-12-05 09:12:25

hello I see a lawyer found you. im in the same boat as you with a broken wire 6949 model
i went and got me a lawyer i do not know if it will help me or not it will probally take years to get something done hopefully it will be worth it
i dont know what to do either because there are risk factors either way you go
no one seems to want to help out i posted here many times about the issue i dont know if it is worth the time but maybe we will get something out of it i went through alot of pain with my issues you can read my postings it tell the story
i dont know what it pays if you win but hopefully it will pay the bills incured since the wire was broke and it wasnt yours or our faults but we have to suffer with the pain
maybe your lawyer can contact me and give me a idea of what it pays if you sue and how long it takes to get paid

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