I posted awhile backBack pain - low
Back strain treatment about my current situation. Well, I have decide to go to the Mayo Clinic. My symptoms over the past couple of months have gotten alittle more narrowed and focused. I don't have the bucket of symptoms that I did before. However, I am experiencing daily:

HeartCongenital heart disease
Cor pulmonale
Coronary heart disease
Cyanotic heart disease
Depression and heart disease
Heart attack
Heart attack first aid
Heart attack symptoms
Heart bypass surgery
Heart bypass surgery - series
Heart disease rate variability 40-50's at rest and 70-90's when standing,
SOB/BREATHLESS (lying, sitting, and more often standing / activity),
Sick sinus syndrome at rest,
FatigueChronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome - resources
Muscle fatigue

My decision to go to the Mayo
▪After wearing two 21 day event monitors I have received several professional opinions. AutonomicAutonomic nerves
Autonomic neuropathy Dr. was not convinced to get a PMPremenstrual syndrome
Relieving pms, nor in his opinion was this an AutonomicAutonomic nerves
Autonomic neuropathy issue. Cardiologist says no to PMPremenstrual syndrome
Relieving pms right now, may need one later. EP doc verbalized two separate meetings that he is 50/50 to a PMPremenstrual syndrome
Relieving pms. Rationale is my symptoms do not correlate with my tracings.
▪After seeing a Cardiologist, ArrhythmiaArrhythmias Dr., EP doc, Endocrinologist, Pulmonologist, Endocrinologist, LipidCoronary risk profile
High blood cholesterol and triglycerides Dr., and Neurologist nobody has yet to come up with a cause, nor a diagnosis.
▪Treatment options discussed are not definite because there is concern that it will not alleviate my symptoms to improve my quality of life.

My questions for anyone that can help:
Has anyone gone to the Mayo for arrhythmiaArrhythmias issues and how was your experience?
When seeking an another opinion, what kind of questions did you ask that were very important to you?

Thanks ...Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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