conditions improving

Hi again! Thanks for the responses to my questions/comments of 11-01. Now that it's 8wks post-PM, some of my symptoms have settled down quite a bit. (yay!) The armpit area still gets pains often, as I use my arm all day on my job. But neck, back and chest/breast pains are greatly reduced. This is very encouraging.
Since my check-up w/PM tech, I have not felt the PM pace at all. Since that was my 6wk mark, I started using my arm overhead as soon as her check proved everything ok. Before that I was often feeling it pace in my sleep, up to 3x per nite. Perhaps she changed the settings without mentioning it; anyway it's nice to not wake up pacing.
What do you all think of remote check-ups? I think they are going to teach me how to use the stuff that came in the mail next time I see the PM tech.
Thanks again!


Getting back to normal

by Surferman - 2007-11-08 11:11:15

is a great feeling. It makes one realize that the body
has made necessary adjustments and is almost back
to normal. The fact that you're using your arm and upper torso in your job probably accounts for you still
having some residule pain. I didn't experience it but
I'm retired and wasn't that active for a couple of months post surgery. Whenever you have a meeting
and a reading, you might ask the tech for a printout
of the pm report. It's very informative and the tech will
usually explain it to you.
I 've never had a remote checkup so I cannot help
you but others in the club can.
Good luck with your ongoing recovery.

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