new battery

Do you have to stay overnight for a battery change? I ALSO have sever emphysema and am worried about my breathing.

thanks for any info, and have a blessed day!


New battery....

by Suzzy - 2007-12-18 01:12:54

In most cases no - alot of it depends on what your Doctor says. In saying that though, when I had my pacemaker changed (due to recall) I ended up spending the night in the Hospital for observation purposes.

No New Battery

by ted - 2007-12-18 10:12:45

Sorry to get technical, but there is no such thing as replacing a battery on a pacemaker or ICD. The entire unit is replaced with a new one (hopefully not a Guidant or other recalled product,) Of course the leads, which become anchored to the heart itself, most always are left alone so the replacement procedure is a simpler one than the original implantation

New battery

by Fluzy Suzy - 2007-12-18 11:12:02

Hi Nelson
I stayed overnight for my battery replacement, only because it was performed on the afternoon and needed monitoring for several hours.
Those replaced on the morning were discharged same day, but I am in england and we work different to any other countries.
Hope I have been of some help
Regards Suzy Fluzy

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