Removal of an ICD

Hi, I am new to this pacemaker club and hopefully some one can answer my question. My physician has informed me that effective Jan. 2008 he will remove my ICD.

Now the question can anyody give me information on the affects and problems once the ICD is removed?

Thanks, Barbara


Removal of an ICD

by SMITTY - 2007-11-10 01:11:18

Hello Barbara,

Welcome to the PM Club.

I'm assuming that you will get a new ICD (or is it a pacemaker) when this one is removed. If that is the case, the change out is probably because the battery in the one you have now is approaching the end of its life. In which case the surgery will be almost exactly like that when you got the ICD to start with. If should be slightly less involved if they use the existing leads and just attach them to the new ICD..

Now if you are not getting a replacement ICD that brings on an entire new list of questions and answers. Before I start guessing about those, would you tell us if you are, or are not, getting a new ICD on Jan 8 '08?

Good luck,


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