Uncomfortable Feeling in Neck/Throat

I just received my St. Jude Zephyr PM 2 days ago, home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, all seemed well. However, before I went to bed last night I noticed a tightness/soreness in my neck and throat. I awakened several hours later with a fair amount of discomfort, able to take a deep breath but felt pain and pressure while doing so. No lung or chest pain, just this feeling in my neck area. Never had this sensation prior to PM implant....might be coincidental but I am concerned enough that I will contact my cardiologist today.

Anyone else with a similar experience? Is it PM related?

This is all so new to me.....not yet "used to" the fact that I have a PM!!!


Thanks for any feedback, advice.


yup, me too

by mandogrl - 2007-11-10 08:11:43

Hi! I'm 8weeks post -PM. I remember waking up from surgery and thinking "I caught a sore throat!" It wasn't a sore throat, it was sore neck muscles on the left side. At about 6weeks, it was greatly reduced to the point where I almost never notice it anymore. Now the only pain is to my left armpit... which is getting less also. Good luck!

Yes, I have felt what you are feeling

by pacergirl - 2007-11-10 11:11:22

Hi Meadowlark,

Yes, I have felt the same. I also have a St. Jude pacemaker. My pacer was causing my heart to beat in the upper portion of my heart. Caused the same symptoms as you are experiencing. After I called my cardiologist and explained how i was feeling, it was just a matter of a few adjustments and I was all set. I have been fine mostly since. Hope this helps you. Get it checked out soon. There is no reason to be in pain or to feel upset. Good luck,

I have had that too

by TexasAngel - 2007-11-10 11:11:42

I experienced that right after I got my pacemaker. It does tend to freak you out, doesn't it? My doctor explained to me that I was hypersensitive to every new sensation and that it was completely normal. He was right. I was. It has been two months now and I hardly notice anything new now.

But call your cardiologist and let them know what you are experiencing. That's why they get the big bucks. :-)

Michelle in Texas

Yes...Sore Muscles It Is!!

by Meadowlark - 2007-11-11 08:11:57

Thanks to all who offered information....I'm so new to this, in fact, my intellect and emotions have not yet aligned on this idea of having a PM!

So, I finally decided that my throat discomfort was indeed attributable to sore neck muscles along with general body muscle soreness that increased as the day wore on. I took 3 Tylenol before bed last night, and today I feel great with only remnants of muscle soreness, including those muscles in my throat.

This forum is useful....thanks again for all the valuable information.

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