Bumpy Roads Increase Heart Rate

I have Biotronik pacer and have recently started having trouble with increased rates when riding in my bumpy diesel truck. My doc has me using a magnet over the pacer when I ride in the truck or on my lawnmower. Pulse rate goes from 55 bpm to 130bpm. anyone else had this problem?


Rate Response Is Probably On

by MSPACER - 2007-11-12 03:11:53

The rate response function is probably turned on. This increases your heart rate when you are moving around, or in a car on a bumpy road. Most people don't need this function. Ask your doctor if it is on, and if so, maybe it can be turned off, or lowered to make the response less sensitive.

I don't understand your comment about using a magnet over the pacer when you are in the truck? Why did your doctor tell you to do that?

Bumpy Roads Increase HR

by SMITTY - 2007-11-12 06:11:34

I agree with MSPACER about why your heart rate increases during the bumpy rides and I will not try to comment further on that. I will however try to shed a little light on what takes place when you put a magnet over your pacemaker.

Pacemakers contain a small "reed switch" that closes when exposed to magnetic fields. Magnets are used during pacemaker checkups to allow their doctors an opportunity to check specific functions of the pacemaker. The magnet closes the reed switch which causes the pacemaker to pace, irrespective of that person's heart's needs. (The heart rate in this case is determined by the manufacturer of the pacemaker). It does NOT inhibit pacemaker output. However, pacing when under the influence of a magnet may cause a heart rate that is not in sync with one's heart rhythm and could induce an abnormal rhythm. This abnormal heart rhythm can put a person at risk. Putting a magnet over our pacemaker in the circumstance of which you speak defeats all of the safe guards built into your pacemaker.

If you will recall, when you got your pacemaker some the things you were told to avoid were avoid were:
Decorative refrigerator magnets
Large home stereo speakers
Small gas engines
Hand-held massagers or massage chair cushions
Magnetic therapy products such as massagers, chair pads, bracelets, knee wraps, back supports, slippers, or shoe insoles.
Telling you to avoid these items was for your safety and comfort.

However, if your doctor tells you can do this I guess he feels that it is safe, but that is a first for me. All I have ever heard is do not put anything with an electromagnetic field closer than about 6" to my PM. I will make one suggestion, that is if you ever start to feel get dizzy, feel uncomfortable or nauseated when you have that magnet over your PM, move the magnet and see if you feel better in a few minutes.

Good luck,


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