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So here I am in Israel on a 4 week consulting trip. I'm 5 weeks out from my second PM implant and I'm just not feeling great. The PM is working insofar as I can tell my checking my pulse, but it doesn't seem to have given me my endurance back for climbing uphill or fast walking. My pulse is pumping away, but I still feel out of breath. My last PM had me feeling so normal that I forgot about it. My settings must be off from what I had before.

My question is, should I wait another three weeks or find a Dr in Israel to adjust it right away? It's Sunday here and my DR won't be back in the office until tomorrow.



by Nuka - 2008-03-09 01:03:03

Hi Heckboy,

There are great doctors in Israel. I would go to a hospital in one of the major cities such as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and explain your situation. Where are you staying there?

Please let me know how make out. My spouse and in-laws are from Israel. They've been here in Canada quite a while but still have connections so if we can be of help let us know.


Great advice!

by cottontop - 2008-03-09 01:03:16

You should go get checked out. My 5 weeks is not much time to feel better before going off to a 4 week consulting trip. You had better take it easy. Please go get checked. Better safe than sorry. You are in my prayers.

Take care, Amy


by heckboy - 2008-03-09 01:03:42

Good suggestions... you've confirmed my thoughts. I'm living in Jerusalem, btw.

I'll check with the head of the studio here and make sure that I get in with a good Dr.

I agree

by sistermary7 - 2008-03-09 12:03:28

As a cardiac nurse I would also follow the adivice that everyone is giving you. I am amazed that your doc even let you go on a trip , especially out of the country, so soon after having your pm placed. But this may be a blessing. While you are getting your pm checked , ask questions and lots of them to see if people are having the same problems there as we are here. Ask if the patients are having better results with anything the docs are doing there to adust their pms and let us know. What a great opportunity for you to learn something new about your own device and body and maybe help someone else in the process. Good luck and TAKE IT EASY!!!!!!!

My opinion

by janetinak - 2008-03-09 12:03:37


If it were me I think I'd see if I could get a second opinion there soon & have the doc there confer with your doc at home.

Good luck, Janet


by jessie - 2008-03-09 12:03:41

i think being short of breath i would do as janet suggests and get it checked. jessie

check it out

by Mary Thompson - 2008-03-10 02:03:10

Who knows what is going on. I would call home and get a referral and let the MD use his computer in Israel to interrogate your pm. I always try to pay attention to my body and not let things go. At the very least it will be nothing and you'll be reassurred. Good Luck.

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