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Hi all, Monday I had my PM changed for a new one, with one new lead also being added (the lower chamber lead) The old lead was left in situ as the Doc said because it had been there for 11 years the risk of damage to the heart was to great it was best to leave it.
Whilst the Operation wasn't the nicest of experiences ( the sedative given via the drip didn't seem to have any effect at all ) Any pain or discomfort felt was bearable. Since having it done I feel 100% better, in fact the moment they implanted it and switched it on I could feel the difference. For those interested I have posted a picture of the operation wound/scar in the members gallery, sorry if it offends anyone',at least newbies undergoing the op for the first time will have some idea of what to expect.
The incision was made about one inch below the original one but the PM was put back into the space/pocket created for the first one.
Hope this was of interest to you and wish you all the best


oh boy

by jessie - 2007-11-28 11:11:34

i see it . it looks mean and bruised. it might scare people. mine was not bruised at all. jessie


by jessie - 2007-11-28 11:11:44

phendo i may be blind but i don't see it on photo gallery or are you kidding?


by Shelly - 2007-11-29 07:11:18

That's some scar Paul. Are you allowed to have your dressing off so soon?

I've been wondering what my scar will look like (had my first PM monday) but I can't take the dressing off for 7 days (next monday) so just have to be patient.

That's settled some of my curiosity anyway, thanks Paul :)

Can I just ask, has anybody else had bruising on their back shoulder blade after surgery? I look like I've had a beating!

Shelly (UK)

dressings and scar

by phendo - 2007-11-29 07:11:28

The nurses removed the original dressing before I left hospital and sprayed on a silicone type covering which apparently seals the wound for about 7 days. I can shower and am allowed to gently rinse the area.
As for the scar they struggled to relocate the replacement PM back into its original position hence all the bruising and once all the swelling goes I am confident that like the last scar it will be barely visible to the naked eye. Anyhow life's great when you're battery powered!
Thanks to you others for your comments


by pacergirl - 2007-11-29 12:11:59

Hee hee I was betting money when the member gallery was first designed how long it would take before we see the first scars/incision. Hee hee I won!

My bruise and incision site looked horrible and it appeared huge because I am not all that big. Women with small frames can be a challenge.

Good luck to you with the healing process. Looks pretty good considering. hee hee you make me laugh! I won!
Pacergirl lol...

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