Tight chest

Had my PM fitted 3 days ago. Pain subsided, and feeling fine apart from a tightness in my chest and a sort of dry cough. Has anyone else experienced this after having PM fitted. Hospital say it is not related to PM and to see my own doctor.


will do

by Tessy - 2008-02-01 06:02:46

I will give it a week or two if I still have it I will get in touch with my GP. Such a silly thing, but very annoying. I think it is from the PM too, I didn't have it before the PM was fitted. Could be all the pulling and pushing of the chest muscles!?
thanks TOGUY

Tight Chest

by TOGUY - 2008-02-01 11:02:05

I had my PM installed in April 07. Since then I have had a dry annonying cough. PM clinic says it has nothing to do with the PM however I have had every know test by my GP all were negitive.The cough I feel certain is from the PM or AFib. Get your doctor to check you out and good lucking finding the cause.P.S. my PM works fine for my condition SSS.

Dry cough

by Shelly - 2008-02-03 11:02:11

I had a dry cough just after I had mine fitted too. i wasn't sure if it was related to my PM, but it lasted for about a month and it never led to a cold!

The cough has completely gone now except when my PM does a battery test 3 times a day (2 of which I'm awake for) and at the moment this happens, no matter what I'm doing (watching TV, at the gym) it always coincides with two or three tiny dry coughs, and I sometimes feel the pulses in my heart too, so I'm sure it must be my PM.

It may help to note down when strange things happen, you may see a pattern - i did with the battery test (2.37pm, 10.37pm & 6.37am). I told the tech at my 6 week appointment and she explained what it was, said she could switch it off, but as I doesn't hurt or bother me, I asked her to leave it.
At least I know it's working :-)

Take care,

Shelly (UK)

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