medtronic recall leads

I have posted on this subject before but am still wondering what to do as I am hearing (from doctors, friends, news and here) that more and more people are experiencing problems with medtronic fractured leads. As I no longer have insurance, I am anxious about how I would pay to have a lead replaced and how dangerous it would be. The person I spoke to from medtronic didn't seem to want to help out at all and I am strongly leaning toward filing a claim against the company. No, it is not what I want to do but I am listening to the stories of what people experience when their lead fractures and I am becoming very worried and want it exchanged for a safer lead.
I am only 48 and am hoping this unit (as well as myself) will last for awhile. Has anyone else thought about talking with the lawyers and making medtronics take responsibility?


Bab Leads?

by BOB 1 - 2008-01-04 01:01:47

As was mentioned above, verify the leads you have are on a recall list, if possible. However, even if they are not on a recall list and you think you have a problem, or may have a problem, talk to an attorney. Right now I would say an attorney is in the best position to say if you have a claim or not. Every situation is different and I would say yours is definitely different in that you are having to look to what the future may hold for you more so than many of us. Good luck, Bob

lead recall

by Vai - 2008-01-04 11:01:27

First I suggest you verify if the leads that you have is exactly the lead part number that is on recall. If it is not on the list, you do not have to be anxious of a problem that don't exist. If the lead is on the recall list, then you may want to seek recourse from the manufacturer or participate by signing up with one of those legal firms that organizes this type of legal redress (there is one advertised on this site entitled "RECALL Medtronic Leads Click here to learn more").

lead recall lawsuit

by luckyloo - 2008-01-04 12:01:53

dear bfloyd,

if you decide to file suit do NOT go in on a class action lawsuit. you will get next to nothing. the lawyers get rich on those. file your own suit and with a lawyer who specializes in medical product recalls. with the guidant suit that just settled, the settlemewnt was for a 100 million i think but after everything was divied up, the people with the defective defibrillators only got $30,000! that's it! find a lawyers that works on win he gets paid, you lose he doesn't......unless it's at trial, then you still have to pay court costs and his expenses. i just finished with a med/mal lawsuit (not heart related). i settled. let me tell you though....the judicial system is not designed in favor of the injured party. defense attorny's are vicious. it was an ugly, ugly process. i am glad it is over after 3 years of fighting. every aspect of your life will be questioned and information manipulated. but still, if you need surgery, have no insurance and medtronic isn't helping...i'd at least consult with a lawyer. start documenting everything...every conversation you have with medtronic , dr.'s etc. and take names. your first appt. with a lawyer is free...can't hurt. lead replacement surgeries can reach $100,000 because they are using lasers and new leads are expensive $5000 plus.

when visiting your lawyer ask about what a "insurance lein" is. briefly, it's when your health insurance company finds out a lawsuit is filed, they want all their money back they paid out for the first lead so if youy win you pay out :1/3 to the lawyer, his expenses (my lawyers was $10,000), and the insurance lein. because i settled, the insurance company took .20 cents for every dollar (my lein was $200,000). had i gone to trial and won, they would have gotten dollar for dollar. had i lost, they would get nothing.

good luck with everything and keep us posted. i sure wish i had someone to talk to ahead of time during my lawsuit but i didn't. it was a learning process.

medtronic needs to look into the "sorry works" program. you can learn more about this at .


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