Kappa 700

Just wondering about the Kaapa700 series product, is it safe?


i think so

by jessie - 2007-12-08 10:12:16

i think it is safe. you have had it for 5 years. have you experienced any problems? i received a dual lead pacemaker in 2006 and feel great. i think luke that other people on the site are more knowledgeable than me but i have not heard of a problem, lets wait and see who answers you like smitty. jessie and by the way good luck and a merry christmas

i have one too

by denise61 - 2007-12-09 01:12:16

I have a Kaapa 700 also it will be two years in aug. I am having some problems now but am going in Monday to see if the settings are right. I have a stinging over the pm and am real tired. Also swelling in my left arm so I will let you know what i find out.

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