Well everyone I am doing well after my pm surgery. Its been 6 days and I am already back at work. II am glad that I am out of the house. Just wanted to say that you everyone for your support and kind words. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday :)



That's Good News

by ela-girl - 2007-12-11 11:12:18

Glad to hear that you are up and around. Just make sure not to overdo it and watch that arm! No stretching, pulling, or lifting anything heavy or your arm past your shoulders for 6 weeks. You are still healing no matter how great you feel!


So Happy For You!

by tcrabtree85 - 2007-12-12 01:12:36

I"m so glad to see that you are doing so well just remember that it is ok to rest for a little while. Talk to you soon.


by Christmmpace - 2007-12-12 03:12:18

May you continue to live life with happiness and joy. May healing come to your body and mind. God bless and have a new great life.



by Shelly - 2007-12-12 06:12:24

Back at work already - good for you :-)

Just don't forget to take time out and pamper yourself - or even better - get someone else to pamper you!!!

Take care

Shelly (UK)

Thats awesome

by faithman007 - 2007-12-12 10:12:55

Well I hope that I will be able to go back to work today. That is awesome. Hmmm, I think Britt and I are pacemaker soulmates LOL, jk. We have the same pacemaker and surgery was about the same time frame I assume. Curious did your heart rate get down to the 40'S?

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