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Well it all started back in Oct. 2005. I was fine b4 all of this. I worked and went to school full time. I was at work on day and just passed out, out of no~where. I went to the local hospital and they seen that i had some 2nd blocking, a~fib, and 2 PE's. They told my parents that I just needed to stay over nite and i would be back to normal in the am. So they put me on some blood thinners and I was there for like 2 weeks with all of this. I finally went to see someone and he tryed everything. I have been on so many meds i cant name them all. I had like 7 failed caridoverizons so finally in April 06 they went to the ablaton. It worked for maybe 2 weeks. Then it was worse then before. So we went to more meds. They didnt work so this past Sep. I had my second ablation. Its only been three months and I feel horrible! I dont really want to pm but Im done with all the med changes. I feel like a lab rat. I no-longer feel like myself or anything. The doc has me off of work and that drives me crazy! Im also a factor 5 so i clot easy. I have had 5 PE's since April 2006, on thinners. To tell you the truth one thing that has me thinking the most is the stroke factor! I just cant seem to over look that! Well I hope that makes everything a lil more clear......and thanks for makin' me feel welcome!! Rachel



by boatman50 - 2007-12-13 05:12:28

Well Rachel it seems that you have had enough to deal with. I have my pacemaker and take no meds at all. Its been 17 months and I hardly know I have it. The one thing I have said to others is to get an opinion from an EP, mine really sorted me out. I hope this helps and good luck!


by hooimom - 2007-12-13 07:12:31

If you see an EP and they decide a pacemaker would work for you, it won't be nearly as bad as what you have been through already! You need this resolved soon. I know what you mean when you say you don't feel like yourself. When you are sick and tired for so long you just forget what "normal" was. I started to think that being exhausted all the time was normal. My PM has helped greatly and I feel like my "old self" again. I pray that you will find the answers you need.


Hang in there!

by Carol - 2007-12-14 11:12:12

Hi Rachel, gee you've certainly been through the wringer and I can't begin to imagine how frustrated and discouraged you must feel. So, I'd just like to offer my welcome and sincere hope that you will be feeling well again soon.
I also was wondering, since the fear of another clot is weighing heavily on your mind, if the doctors have considered an IVC filter. Sort of like a basket that can be implanted to catch any dangerous clots before they can reach vital organs such as your lungs?
I'm sending positive, healing thoughts your way. Be strong and know that sometimes it's darkest before the dawn, you will be better!!! A pacer is a change that takes time getting used to, but compared to what you've been through already, I'm sure you'll be just fine.
Sincerely, Carol

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