LONG TERM PACING!?!?!?!?!?!? I have had mine since before I was 24 hours old and I am now 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


long term pacing

by Suzzy - 2007-12-19 03:12:42

I am in total agreement with the comment above. Do not hold it in, and talk to the individuals that are close to you,and your Doctor. Also know that individuals on this site are a caring bunch, and we are their for you. Support says alot....in helping one thru health issues and uncertainities.

Keep smiling

Merry Christmas



by $6Mman - 2007-12-19 05:12:49

False Evidence Appearing Real !!!
'...there is nothing to fear, but fear itself...' - F.D.R.

Find out all that you can about the condition that affects you AND how the pacemaker device has helped you and will continue to do so. Knowledge is a great way to overcome an obstacle!

As already stated, talk to your folks, the doctors, people who understand where you're at and those who can help you through this now and when/if those fears, frustrations, etc. rear their ugly little heads again! In a multitude of counselors comes wisdom!

Sometimes it stinks and sometimes it doesn't! :-)

May you have a whole lot of doesn't stink!

Be well, $6Mman

No need to be scared

by peter - 2007-12-20 03:12:40

I know that its hard for a young person not to feel scared about the future. But that is what you should try to be. If we worry about everything we can think of it will get in the way of getting on and enjoying life on this wondeful planet. Pacemakers, monitoring techniques,etc are improving all the time. You have every chance of leading a full and eventfull life.I often think that my pacemaker will actually mean I will have a longer life than if I had not needed one ! Having a pacemaker these days is no big deal. There are many people who perhaps do have something to worry about, but I dont think you need worry about your pacemaker. Im sure its your love of life that makes you worry about what you might miss if something went wrong. Dont keep your worries to yourself, chat openly to the family members and true friends that you trust about any concerns you have. The hospital doctors will also answer any question you have now or in the future. If you still feel worried sit down quietly and think deeply about it and try to write down on paper what your main concerns are. Then try to think of what would of be help or who might be of help. It would be nice if you could make contact with other young members on this site so that you can give each other a bit of encouragement and make some new friends. Im 61 so I am a bit old in the tooth !! Keep your chin up . Peter


by pacerpacer - 2007-12-20 03:12:56

You should not have to worry too much. I am being paced for the last 25 years without any problem. Gellia rightly said to watch out for swelling in legs.

As far as precausions I suggest you not to become overweight and try to remain in good shape.

All the Best!!!


by Gellia2 - 2007-12-20 09:12:17

Try not to let irrational fear take over. Long term pacing may or may NOT give you any problems. I have been right pacing for over 32 years now at 100% and still have had NO problem (knock on wood! LOL).
Speak with your doctor and I'm sure they will tell you not to worry about it. Things to look for are swollen feet. Any long term pacing problems would probably show up there first.
You have a very long time before you even need to concern yourself. As long as you have a good dr and go to all your appointments, I bet you'll do just fine.
Happy Holidays!
And, Best to you,


by uvagershwin - 2007-12-21 04:12:49

This is Sydney, the girl who posted this and I am very grateful for all of your support. I asked my mom and she said I would not have to worry unless I was absolutly a slug and did not do anything. Thank you again for all your advice! A very merry Christmas to all!!!

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