Reverse Placebo

The placebo effect is well known where our belief that a med or treatment will actually have an effect even though is an inert sugar pill or sham surgery.

Knowing this why shouldn't there be a Reverse Placebo Effect where our uneasy or negative feelings about a med or treatment can reduce or negate its effect?

This is important here because there are frequent posts about feeling less than human with a pacemaker, or uneasy about taking a med or meds. This can't be overcome by simple advice to "think positive". It is too deeply ingrained in us.

Being an engineer I tend to study the things medicine offers me and then make a decision that I feel good about. It drives the doctors up the wall, but that is their problem. As most of you know I pretty much manage my own pacemaker and so far have refused cardiac meds. I feel good about my pacemaker and what it is doing for me, but only because I know what it is doing.

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by Jules - 2008-04-01 02:04:13

I couldn't agree more about the medications offered - especially in France. People are not happy unless they come away with a carrier bag of pills and potions.

I took on board what Frank said weeks ago and asked my cardiologist if I could not take the meds and see how I go. Well as I have said Thursday is my test and I am looking forward to the results.

I have had the odd ectopic beat, usually brought on by eating or being tired.

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by winesap - 2008-04-01 07:04:56

There certainly seems to be a complex relationship between the physical and psychological for all of us that have been blessed with this box and wires we carry around in our chest. For many if not most of us we have this device because we've had near death experiences and are still coping with coming to terms with that reality. I like your thought Frank - I've been thinking about some related possibilities but am not yet ready to post anything specific. Personally, I had 35 years to prepare myself emotionally for the pacemaker yet the reality of actually having the device implanted still had unexpected psychological impacts. I'm considering that a bit of counseling may be in order - just to be sure that my mind is healing as well as my body has healed.

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by heckboy - 2008-04-02 11:04:56

Here's another spin on this. Once people get a PM or ICD, there seems to be a tendency among some to attribute any abnormal feeling to it. If one goes looking for abnormal feelings, they'll find them.

I read recently where people that accept a certain amount of discomfort in their lives are happier than those that focus on problems and expect life to be inconvenience free.

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