Checkup Tomorrow

I am having a quick checkup tomorrow and just wondered if you all can tell me what questions I need to be asking. I'm not even sure what my low setting is! I am going to ask that one for sure. I am not having any issues, just have a PM (Guidant) that is under recall so it gets checked frequently.

Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas will be appreciated!




PM Checkup

by SMITTY - 2008-02-25 06:02:53

Hi Theresa,

One question. How often are you getting checkups? Just courious. I get them every three months. Alternating between phone and visits to the clinic.

Now one suggestion. Get a copy of the printout of your checkup results. If you are like me, most of the data will be in Greek. But if you start to have issues it would be nice to know if there have been any changes in the various settings.

Good luck,



by heckboy - 2008-02-25 10:02:11

1. How much am I pacing in each chamber (assuming a duel chamber PM)

2. What does that mean?

3. What is my low setting?

4. High setting?

5. Do I pace off my own rhythm at all?

6. is there a way to make my PM get up to speed faster? Sometimes it seems slow to respond (or the flipside to this)

7. Is my threshold (the amount of juice it takes to stimulate your heart) in the normal range?

8. If I'm pacing off of my own rhythm, do I need a high setting?

9. Do you validate?

OK, that's it off the top of my head.

Me, too!

by auntiesamm - 2008-02-26 09:02:26

Hi Theresa,

Like you I have a recalled Guidant pacemaker and have my interrogation tomorrow. It has been 6 months since the last check up. Good luck to you; let us know how it goes.


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